Cam, Lord of Perils of SPACE Book 3 Now Available!

Self published QPOC author of LGBTQ horror, sci-fi, and fantasy novellas. Loves squirrels, bacon, and very short walks on the beach.

Tucson, AZ
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The fuck! The policeman was charged for potentially harming Breonna's neighbors and their walls than the actual death of Breonna. I shouldn't be as surprised as I am. I am also outraged the jury is more concerned for the walls than a person. #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor

Excuse me? 😂

Tucson? We can't even follow instructions, so many bottoms, no tops.

Book 2 of Perils of Space just got its first 5 star review, claiming to be like Bill the Galactic Hero without the boring parts!

I got a really good compliment today on Sinister Tentacle Sorority. A friend has been reading little bits of it for years, meting it out because she didn't want it to end. She's almost there and she's sad about it.

Things my boyfriend is afraid of:
1. Committing to plans
2. Answering simple yes/no questions
3. This dog:

Things my boyfriend is afraid of: 1. Committing to plans 2. Answering simple yes/no questions 3. This dog:

I've been away, but I'm better.l now! It's amazing what an orgasm can do!

Hey y'all! Book 3 of Perils of S.P.A.C.E. is out! You can pick it up on Kindle and Paperback!

I have good things happening that I should be happy about, but I just can't muster the energy to do so. Everything seems so pointless nowadays.

One day, I'll be famous enough so when I "accidentally" leak photos of my penis, people will come to my rescue and flood Twitter with better pictures of my penis.

I'm over here sitting on 8 awesome scripts not quite sure what to do next. The spirits say to learn more about Audacity before putting a call out for voice actors. I hear and I obey!

I finished the scripts for all 8 chapters of Book 1! I should be more excited than I am. Now I'm unsure of what to do next.

Why is everyone asking so many questions? Why do you need to know all this information no one but you cares about? Why am I doing the same thing right now? Is this irony? Does anyone have Alanis' number?

I finished two scripts for Perils of SPACE and fucked around with Audacity. Must be mania.

Converting Chapter 1 of The Crystal Eggs into a first draft script was easier than I thought. I mean, essentially, it's already ready already. Just take out some narration, add a few lines here and there, add some crucial details, take out dumb details, and BINGO!

Okay. I've learned the basics of recording, importing, duplicating, copying and pasting audio tracks. Not bad for an hour's frustration!

Looks like I'ma finally fuck around and learn how to use Audacity.

I've been on hold with DES for the last 2 and half hours. I could have watched a full length movie (except Lord of the Rings, obviously) and still be waiting. So, I've going to work on making Perils of SPACE into a script while I wait. I got time I guess.

Writing Devil: You should create a spinoff to Perils of S.P.A.C.E. Writing Angel: You should forget the spin-off. You have a hard enough time getting people to fuck with Perils of S.P.A.C.E. Just keep working on it. Mania: You should quit everything and take a nap. Me: ZZZZzzzz

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