condom taste tester

condom taste tester



I’ll be home when I’m sleeping, I can’t hardly wait

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Reminder that Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro once admitted to having had sex with chickens in his youth. According to him, zoophilia was a common thing where he lived. All of his friends had sex with animals like calves, donkeys or chickens. A lie detector test confirmed this

H&M supplier Gokaldas Exports in Bangalore illegally laid off 1,300 garment workers in effort to destroy their union, GATWU. After 30 days of targeted threats by hired goons (see vid) workers continue to resist, demonstrating at the factory everyday. Pls share this & contact @hm!

Joe Kennedy III Hired a Cop to Advise Him on Race and Justice

I wrote Ready Player 2. it’s about European gamers named Curdtox and Gbiz making screen recording videos about boosting your FPS with console commands. none of the crap about being a true fan of Iron Man is in there

Quoted @FinancialTimes

Edward Luce: America and Britain’s poor responses to Covid-19 can be traced partly to post-cold war self-congratulation — the belief that neither had much to learn from the rest of the world

"Half a millennium of potted history tells Anglo-Americans they are destined always to be on the winning side. It blinds both to how the rest of the world increasingly views them, which is with sadness and growing mockery."

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Only using a food tell us where you live

crap sandwich with cum on it

sometimes they taste good, sometimes they taste bad

Variety: After Jay-Z cut salaries and furloughed employees at Tidal in April, Jay-Z received a PPP government loan for $2.1M for another Tidal linked company. After receiving the money, Jay-Z laid off 15 of those furloughed Tidal employees.

Quoted @WNEP

Kids for Cash Judge Michael Conahan has been sent home from federal prison.

one of the most demonic people in american history. should have been executed by hanging. now fat and happy sitting at home. i hope someone finds out where

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When it comes to workplace organizing, there's no such thing as a “privileged” worker. You’re either with your coworkers or you’re against them.

PMC discourse!

@ByYourLogic just WOW! we asked the Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration if he thought Donald Trump was a damn colluding cheeto, and he said: "I think you may be confused as to what we do here." More of this, please!!!!!

@ByYourLogic when my state governor who majored in cocaine studies at UC Davis reads out an epic statement on live tv, dunking on the commander-in-cheeto aka Donald dRUMPf

@ByYourLogic when my state governor who majored in cocaine studies at UC Davis reads out an epic statement on live tv, dunking on the commander-in-cheeto aka Donald dRUMPf

every time we have a national level bureaucrat who isn’t medically stupid, 20 percent of the country wants to fuck them and suck their shit, and i frankly think that’s a good sign

アカエリマキキツネザル (Varecia rubra)

アカエリマキキツネザル (Varecia rubra)

Matt Gaetz’s outfit looks heinous but he definitely lost at least 20 lbs. good for him if that is not due to a new drug addictions or purging!

I've showed my French girlfriend Seinfeld for the first time and she's reacted in the Frenchest way by asking: "Kramer is supposed to be the sexy one, right?"

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