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Research Fellow @TheBuckeyeInst, Ohio's top free market think tank. I engage policymakers on education, tax, health, energy, local gov & transportation issues.

Columbus, Ohio
Joined on August 25, 2016

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Quoted @DispatchAlerts

No federal relief leaves states, cities facing big deficits

Wake up call 4 cities-especially in #Oh with a uniquely bad #municipalincometax-they are going 2 need 2 focus on core services & dispense with non-essential spending 4 the foreseeable future. The economic & #tax revenue impact of #COVID19 are going 2 be with us 4 a long time.

A good story in @daytondailynews on need for #broadband for #education. This is one of the big messages from the #COVID19 pandemic.

Quoted @TheBuckeyeInst

Good piece by @RichExner! "People who do not live in a city and don’t work in a city, nonetheless are being taxed in a city. The Buckeye Institute’s lawsuit challenges that as unconstitutional.” Buckeye’s Robert Alt on #OH’s pandemic tax law.

Yes. This. Good piece by @RichExner

Spot on. #Oh should do this with... or without federal $. Here is how #EducationSavingsAccounts can work, from work of @lindseymburke & I for @TheBuckeyeInst,

Quoted @LtGovHusted

Lt. Gov. @JonHusted: 2 weeks ago, we announced that the state will allocate $50 million through a grant program to help provide hotspots and internet-enabled devices to students. This program will officially launch this coming Monday. Visit to apply.

This is a good step @LtGovHusted. #Broadband is critical for #education, especially during ongoing #COVID19 disruptions. Would encourage @JonHusted & @GovMikeDeWine to consider #EducationSavingsAccounts as well 2 help students needing more help in this time of stress.

Quoted @karenkasler

.@GovMikeDeWine’s second COVID-19 test, taken at Ohio State in Columbus, comes back negative. The 73-yr-old DeWine, who has asthma, tested positive after a rapid test administered by the White House before a planned meeting w President Trump.

This is good news.

These companies are right 2 call 4 repealing #HB6. They are wrong on wanting the renewable mandate back. The big lesson here should be: it's bad public policy 2 subsidize or mandate any specific energy source. No #EnergySubsidies. No #EnergyMandates

Quoted @LarryObhof

Best wishes to @MikeDeWine for a speedy recovery.

Definitely hoping all goes well for @MikeDeWine after his positive test for #COVID19.

With new #Oh House leadership, it's time 2 get #COVID19 liability protections 4 #Oh businesses now. The impact of the pandemic is not going away. Businesses do not need 2 worry about being sued into oblivion while they are struggling to survive & meet payroll.

Quoted @TheBuckeyeInst

This is a critical part of sentencing reform in #Ohio which is why Buckeye has been supportive of this policy. #CJReform

Spot on. Kudos @OHSupremeCourt. This might be the most critical #CriminalJusticeReform reform we can do in #Oh. The data we will get from this will help inform many other potential policies. Without it, we are making progress, but slower than it could, and should, be.

Good move to expand #healthcare access by @realDonaldTrump, especially during #COVID19 crisis. #Oh lawmakers looking at this too. #Telehealth will become increasingly important. We will need to get our policies aligned right here.

From @pewtrusts - Pandemic Brings Fresh Challenges for City Budgeting. This will be especially tough in #Oh with the nation's worst local #tax- the #municipalincometax.

Quoted @TheBuckeyeInst

Buckeye joined a coalition of 38 nationally recognized groups led by @WILawLiberty on an amicus brief in Michigan v. DeVos calling for CARES Act money to be distributed fairly & equitably to serve all students and help all schools safely reopen

Exactly this.

In the wake of #COVID19, #schoolchoice is a mich needed option. #EducationSavingsAccounts can, if properly created, become the vehicle for all types of education options to become fulky available to ALL students.

Quoted @Russo4Ohio

ICYMI: A thread...1)JMOC, the legislative committee charged to provide continuing oversight of all facets of the Medicaid program (and on which I serve), hasn’t met this year. This is particularly egregious given known issues with both PBM contracts and the enrollment system. 1/5

JMOC is going to have its work cut out for it the rest of this year and next as billions of new $ flow through #Oh #Medicaid during #COVID19. Many issues to work through. This is only one, but taxpayers are going to need to trust the system now more than ever.

Quoted @OhioPharmacists

Thanks to @GovMikeDeWine’s staff and @OhioMedicaid for meeting with pharmacists this afternoon to discuss logistics and strategies to increase patient access to COVID-19 testing at pharmacies. We’re dedicated to making Ohio a model for other states to follow. #InThisTogetherOhio

Need this to happen, especially as #COVID19 crisis persists.

Reinforces why we need 2 end ALL #energy subsidies: #oil, #gas, #solar, #wind, #nuclear. As long as #government can advantage some actors over others, they will look 2 tilt field to their advantage. #Cronycapitalism much bigger than just #HB6 & #Oh.

#Broadband will continue to be critical as #education continued to suffer from #COVID19 shutdowns of schools.


#Broadband will continue to be critical as #education continued to suffer from #COVID19 shutdowns of schools. @OhioGadfly @educationgadfly

If we want 2 end #cronycapitalism, we need 2 end ALL #subsidies. Policymakers in #Oh wrestling with repealing #HB6 should remember that. As long as millions of $ are on the table, whether 4 #oil, #renewables, #gas, or #nuclear, the opportunities for corruption remain. #energy

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