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Wife and Mom of 5 Boyz!! Living with American Freedom of Speech! Stay Opinionated! EqualityMatters LOVE All People regardless of Color!! Not Radical or Racist!!

Joined on April 05, 2017

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Hurricane Relief efforts by the President was very commendable! 🥰

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People need to STOP fanning the flames 🔥 of racial divide. We are ALL GODS PEOPLE..

The left is the flame 🔥 fans

No, I want Big Ten, and all other football, back - NOW. The Dems don’t want football back, for political reasons, but are trying to blame me and the Republicans. Another LIE, but this is what we are up against! They should also open up all of their Shutdown States.

They have their money,prestige,fame yet,they want to turn a lot of people against major league sports, with their views.KNOW YOUR ROLL! Without fans you don’t exist. Or r u so dumb you don’t know that?Your money went to your head And you don’t care for the ones that come after u!

We don’t pay major league sports for their opinion. We pay for their ability, their performance. They have a platform for their opinion off the court, field, ice, etc. they earn millions. And, think they run shit! Boycott them idiots! Messing up sports, For my five boys future!!!

People need to STOP fanning the flames 🔥 of racial divide. We are ALL GODS PEOPLE..

The temptation to alter history to write your own for someone some ideal, that couldn’t even muster more than two percent of her own party in primary,will prove to irresistible to Biden. Dems love to make history doing what THEY want not what the people want. They didn’t want her

I will predict this day 8-13-20, that IF (God forbid) Joe Biden wins election, he will step down sometime during first term and hand presidency over to V.P. Making not only, first woman prez, but also, first black woman prez, ensuring any white woman was beat to the punch.

This Anamul name is associated with ppl trying too hack my Facebook and Google accounts??

Russian Moscow keeps trying to log into my phone and someone by the name Anamul??

“Don’t Erase & Replace, Continue peoples Legacy’s” Put Martin Luther King beside those Presidents on Mt. Rushmore include Malcolm X, and the Keep Americans Great Donald J.Trump!! Let’s Remember The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!! We can frame a photo of Rioters in Sleepless-N-Seattle.

What an Honor to be reprimanded in a Great Nation/COUNTRY where the CITIZENS HAVE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TOWARD FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! Anyone whoms Tweets are Censored should sue for damages and rights being violated!! @realDonaldTrump @VP @seanhannity @TuckerCarlson

Quoted @realDonaldTrump

There will never be an “Autonomous Zone” in Washington, D.C., as long as I’m your President. If they try they will be met with serious force!

United States 🇺🇸 President should speak out against mobsters destruction of State Property that belongs to ALL U.S. citizens. President should defend the order of The Great Nation under GOD, WHOM IS THE ONLY TRUE ONE ENTITLED TO SOVEREIGNTY!!!!

Invisible enemy that plagues all mankind..

As we know is becoming very cruel, so prayers for you to withstand and be victorious as God allows each person to stand in their relative capacities to Serve. Soon all badness and social ill will be eradicated from the earth. Then we all can stand together in victory against the

life as we all know it! Erasing history cannot possibly fix our future.. we cannot think God approves of chaos.. Continue to uphold Godly principles for our country. With God All Things Are Possible. Your integrity will see you through!! ☺️ we know your human and this world

How fitting the radicals choose Seattle!!! Sleepy Joe Biden!! & the Sleepless-N-Seattle state!!🤣

Empires usually crumble from within and we’re definitely a multi-racial family here in America and when we cannot #Live& #LetLive we destroy OUR VERY EXISTENCE. “Man dominates Man, to his Own Injury”

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