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artist - free black woman - we are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us

North Carolina, USA
Joined on February 01, 2010

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I just turned off notifications from anyone I don’t follow and now I’m questioning why I have to do that in order to see notifications from people I actually follow. That’s annoying 😕

This is not about 1 admin & this isn’t 1st admin to kill us like this. This admin is the product of IDEOLOGY (white supremacy) & A SYSTEM (racial capitalism). It’s the ideology & system that must be ultimately defeated if we hope to end this cycle of needless violence & death.

People like Betsy DeVos and Trump should not be anywhere near positions of power anymore. They have to go. These problems won’t end with the 2020 election tho b/c it’s so deeply embedded in the structural inequalities of the nation. Vote them out, but we’ll still need revolution.

We need to displace the ruling white elite from power and establish a new democratically-elected government that actually serves the needs of the people instead of actively killing them.

They’re saying we can’t have... -universal healthcare -adequate testing for COVID -proper funding for schools even under normal circumstances -digital infrastructure to make remote learning possible for every child But instead we must sacrifice our lives for their profit.

This is beyond reform. The ruling white elite will not stop killing us as long as they hold the wealth and power and control all of the institutions.

The white elite are saying they’ll cut funding from public schools unless communities offer their children up to illness and death against all common sense health guidelines in the fall. I don’t know how much more you need to see to understand why revolution is necessary.

But some of y’all are still so wedded to believing in the supremacy of whiteness and the USA that you still think the problem is poor folks & Black folks. I can’t.

I don’t understand how you can witness what’s happening in USA right now & not recognize the violence of white supremacy & the US gov’t. It is the mostly deadly force in this nation & the world. Hundreds of thousands of ppl of all races will die needlessly from COVID b/c racism.

Please do everything you can to stay safe, y’all. The worst is still ahead of us. Praying for everyone.

Quoted @Navajomau

@BreeNewsome US been invading Black & Brown countries, telling what to do.. Interestingly, most of us dont process the racism aspect of it, where we take Black & Brown people/countries as incapable of making their OWN decisions ie we take them as less intelligent beings

Correct. This is all part of the indoctrination into white supremacy and the false belief that white nations bring civilization to the rest of the world.

Blk ppl MUST divest from whiteness now. The colonizers taught us to hate ourselves & to believe in the racist myths of our own inferiority. They used so much violence & mind f**kery for such a sustained period of time that Blk ppl blame ourselves for our oppression. It’s wild.

I’m over it. I’ve seen enough.

Notice that no one is saying white people must do anything to earn equal protection under the law. It’s only Black people, that inferior and violent race, that must prove itself worthy of participating in the civilization established by white people. That’s what y’all are saying.

I’ve said this before in another thread but colorism reveals the truth of the matter. B/c while y’all claim to be against racism, you operate & organize your worldview based on skin tone & physical features.

Y’all say you’re against racism but you still believe fundamentally in the idea of race and the inferiority of the Negro, which is why you ramp up the usage of racist tropes around Blk people & violence whenever the white supremacist order is under threat.

Do you believe that having African ancestry corresponds to being inferior in mindset & behavior and that’s why we see a correlation between skin tone & life outcomes in the USA? Because that’s what y’all are basically saying with these “Black on Black crime” narratives.

Can y’all please 🙏🏾pause & recognize how this reflects the extent to which the white power establishment traps us in a hole & tells us to dig our way out? Your affinity for whiteness is why you give the WPE a pass while evoking old racist tropes of Blk ppl being animals. Sad. 7/7

There are people fighting to end violence in their communities everyday. Instead of demanding they get the resources they need from gov’t, y’all go on rants claiming these people don’t exist at all. It’s entirely insulting. & THEN you use that to counter anti-racism protest🙄 6/

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