King of Uruk, Slayer of Bulls

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I don't care about being mortal, I'm gonna be the best king ever until I die. Then I'm gonna be the best dead king ever.

Apparently I've been moaning so much about dying Enkidu came back as a ghost to tell me to man up and deal with dying

When I get back home I'm going to decree this day as Snakes Suck Day

This is the worst day ever

Just found some immortality granting plant, can't wait to get home and show everybody how immortal its gonna make me.

Aw crap does this mean I'm gonna die too? Nah man I'm the king that ain't gonna happen oh no I'm gonna die crap crap crap

Man this sucks I'm gonna go hang out in the wilds like my bro Enkidu. RIP 2650BC-2649BC

RIP Enkidu

Aw man it was hilarious, Enkidu threw some bull meat at Ishtar, she was so mad. Nothing bad can come of this. This is the best day ever

I think I killed God's pet bull

Maybe I shouldn't have told Ishtar off, this won't end well

Just had a weird dream where heaven cried, earth groaned, lightning flashed, and death rained down. Weird, probably doesn't mean anything

I need a new door, gonna go nab some wood from that Humbaba guy. Enkidu is gonna love this

Hear someone just got married. brb going to meet the wife.

Who knew getting laid could make a guy civilized.

Just met this dude Enkidu, guy has to get laid bad.

I am king

pls stop calling my mom a cow thats not funny

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