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@TeamPelosi Nancy you should be removed. Another one in government that is nothing but a demonic person that does nothing for the people. Pathetic how you complain about Everything. Did you know Dems that Trump donates his salary to veterans. What do you donate Nancy, nothing but lies.

@realDonaldTrump Joe Biden's brain dead. He would be asleep during 3AM call. Instead, we are voting for his VP. She is guaranteed to be a BLM radical woman of color, who hates this country with a passion. TRUMP must win re-election. join me as we #WalkAwayFromDemocrats

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“When I argued we should freeze federal spending, I meant SOCIAL SECURITY as well.” – Joe Biden circa 1995 Watch Bernie Sanders’ ad from earlier this year:

Please watch! Biden and Democrats want to take everything from you. This is their mission, they are called socialist. Do you know of one socialist country that is doing well and you would want to live in?????

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Joe Biden tried to FREEZE Social Security when he was in the Senate. Now he’s lying about it. Once again, Joe, we have you on video!

Listen to Biden wanting to get rid of government funding, even social security. Vote for Trump and be safe or saved from Democrats and their socialist agenda.

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In 2012, Nancy Pelosi said a payroll tax cut would be a “boost” for American families and an economic “job creator.” Now Pelosi is attacking President Trump’s tax payroll tax cut. Maybe she doesn’t want families and the economy to get a "boost" before the election?

Nasty Nancy in 2012. It was okay then but not now. Dems remind me of bad parents - do as I say not as I do! Vote for Trump and be safe.

@seanhannity We must pull together and resist the push for a Marxist Communist nation. There needs to be a major investigation into the indoctrination techniques used by teachers and professors pushing a communist agenda.

GRAHAM: The FBI ‘Lied Their A** OFF’ to Congress about FISA Warrant, Steele Dossier

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WATCH: Nancy Pelosi once said that she did not “worry” about a payroll tax cut hurting Social Security. Now Democrats are trying to scare Americans to stop President Trump’s tax relief for working families. Don’t buy it!

I wonder where the trillions of dollars are coming from for Biden and his studio green plan. Wake up people to this demonic thinking coming from Democrims.

Democrats have made their agenda crystal clear: they want to destroy America. A vote for Biden or any Democrat all the way down ticket is a vote for tyranny. They’re coming after all our constitutionally protected rights, including the Second Amendment by targeting the @NRA!

Thank you for watching out for the American people when Democrats do not care.

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Joe Biden has a terrible record, including on Social Security. Just watch this ad Bernie Sanders put out:

Biden is one scary person.

Governor Northam and the Alexandria City Mayor, as well as the local Police Chief and Sheriff, should be held as accessories to murder...

@IngrahamAngle Unbelievable. Sickening. And another death caused by a Democrat Governor mismanaging the Wuhan Virus response. I guarantee you Ralph Northam committed election theft to have gotten re-elected after donning either a KKK outfit or blackface (whichever’s worse since he won’t say).

Who will speak for Karla Dominguez? Everyone in No. Virginia who votes Dem should know this story. “Virginia rape suspect allegedly killed his accuser after being released from jail due to coronavirus”

Look at the rapist governor Northam let out of prison Bc of Covid only for him to hunt down his victim and kill her.

Look at the rapist governor Northam let out of prison Bc of Covid only for him to hunt down his victim and kill her.

Unbelievable. You idiots will turn on anybody. Keep aborting your babies and not listening to someone trying to help you. Margret Sanger wanted to get rid of Blacks and started planned parenthood and the Democrats jumped on the wagon.

Cannot believe that Portland residents are putting up with the violence. Need to reach out and get the decision makers out of office. Sorry police are being abused and BLM, who cares. This is not the way to go about it.

Uhh... did Joe Biden just say that Black people are all the same?

Quoted @stillgray

Latinos have diversity of thought unlike black people who all think alike, says Joe Biden.

Holy shit, did he really say this? 👇🏻🤦🏼‍♂️

Idiots. Go ahead and defund the police and see what happens. You are stupid.

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