Legal Research, Criminal Justice, Child Psychology, World History. Raised and educated seven children plus those born in my heart. 보라해 💜 #BTSARMY💜 방탄 사랑해💜

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The Sun
16 hours ago

This is how astronauts wash their hair in space

When you bump into your ex 😅

When Trump states the Joe Biden is against "God", he is referencing himself as the victim. In his mind's eye, he is the "chosen one". #VoteTrumpOut #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

#BTSARMY, this is the first time that #BTS will perform at the #VMAs, a recognition we sought in 2019.💜 Don't let Bangtan down now.💜 They are up for 3 awards, two of which you can vote for; category Pop and K-Pop💜

Every click on this link will donate 1 Lebanese pound. 🙏 Please RT to spread.


[🚨] #BTSARMY! BTS will be performing at the 2020 #VMAs for the first time ever! 🎉 Set your schedule for August 30 - 8 PM EST! ⏰ #BTS_Dynamite #BTS @BTS_twt

#BTSARMY #BTS_Dynamite @BTS_twt 💜

6 days ago

Thank You, Mama

The Sun
4 days ago

Dad and daughter argue over nothing and it’s adorable

#BTSARMY, #BTS_Dynamite, list of scheduled Bangtan events in case you missed anything.😉💜😷💜 @BTS_twt #FindYourPurple

Quoted @PabloRochat

they've had enough

The bird video that doesn't lose its funny.

From October 2016. Watch John Oliver Argue Against ‘Bad Apples’ Police Defense via @RollingStone

Lord, it took burning "Bibles" to get the pro-lifer's attention; certainly, a man's life didn't bring them out of the woodwork. "Engaged in an expressive activity" is a protected 1st Amendment right being used to depict the hypocrisy put forth by the radical right churchgoers.

A True Hero of 2020... Col. Alexander Vindman for his outstanding ability to show courage under fire; albeit a different kind of courage asked of him than that which earned him.a Purple Heart. Now he owns America's heart.💜 #RightMatters, Let's prove the Colonel "Right".

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