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Quoted @WhiskeyPhantom

I'm extremely disappointed to see the number of people on this hellsite advocating for a government shutdown to, what, somehow force McConnell to hold off on a confirmation? Federal employees are human beings, with mortgages, and families. 1/

Thank you for this thread. I see a whole bunch of people willing to shut down the government on the backs of workers in the middle of a deadly covid pandemic and recession - without admitting the pain and heartbreak that strategy would cause or assessing its efficacy. https://t.co/nlRBD0FSzw

Trump lied to the American people. He downplayed the severity of the #coronavirus pandemic. Now, over 200,000 of our neighbors, family members, loved ones and friends have died. We have to vote him out.

The west is on fire. The south is under storms. 203,000 Americans are dead from covid19 and 6 million more are infected. We must #fundthefrontlines for our heroic essential workers. So please miss me with “shut down the government for #RBG” takes. Organize, cajole, GOTV, #Vote.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death is an incredibly devastating loss for America. She fought for our values til the end. And so will we. We are in this together.

Democrats are trusted more than the President to defeat the #coronavirus because the American people know that Democrats believe in science and have seen Democrats make the case to save lives — as the President has *cost* us countless lives with his reckless lies. https://t.co/uNcLN8yMWb

As they block help that we advanced to meet the needs of the American people and crush the #coronavirus, the President and his enablers act as if we live in an alternate universe where they did their job and we can operate openly. Meanwhile, we will soon exceed 200,000 deaths. https://t.co/MhI0IzhqZ9

Today, I sat down with @morethanmySLE to talk about the upcoming #SCOTUS case in which the Trump Admin is attempting to dismantle the #ACA, the importance of preserving protections for patients w/ pre-existing conditions, & the possibility of a #COVID vaccine. https://t.co/kf6tQkeGEg

Hey! @MikeBloomberg you know how you can help @JoeBiden win Florida? Give disenfranchised voters back their right to vote!! #BidenForFL #VotingRights https://t.co/Xp9pDgwbUO

The American dream has become a nightmare for so many of us. In 1865 we had northern and southern states and the issue was slavery. in 2020, thanks to this moron in the White House we have red states and blue states and the issue is masks and testing. I really cant sleep tonight.

As I just told @KSRO, Trump can’t pit blue states against red states; we are the UNITED States. Imagine if a governor said “blue counties in my state are OK not red ones so we are OK” — that would be ridiculous and unacceptable. The truth is, ALL of us are in this together.

Quoted @AmerIndependent

Praising his own virus response as deaths near 200,000, Trump says, "if you take the blue states out, we're at a level I don't think anybody in the world would be at." https://t.co/ezAU5IJIcQ

Trump bothers me in so many ways. But I really cant stand this -- dividing our country into "blue states" and "red states" when discussing a virus killing ALL Americans. It's just so un-American. (BTW, 4.9 million Californians voted for Trump in 2016) https://t.co/aYjxQgbXK4

Between the Soros nonsense, the story about kids not knowing about the Holocaust and Trump’s statements about Jews, this has been a sad day for the Jewish community. Unbelievably frightening and tragic that this rhetoric comes from the White House and those in power.

What is wrong with so-called moderate Democrats? Don’t press Pelosi. Press McConnell. He is the block. We don’t just need a bill; we need a just bill. Stop letting Republicans put you in a box. Stand w/ your leader & fight for what’s right.

Quoted @TeamPelosi

Well said, @ricky_martin. In this election – the most important in modern American history, to be sure – we all have to make a plan to #vote. https://t.co/1JZe3sxeSd https://t.co/jRthDbFVy4 https://t.co/suucOjaHRX

For our children and the children of our children Madame Pelosi @TeamPelosi #VoteBidenHarris2020 https://t.co/C1gOriL0I3

Calls for CNBC host’s resignation after he used a misogynistic slur live on-air to Nancy Pelosi https://t.co/ZgYg2yWwKS

What we need are consequences to on-air "talent" that normalizes the behavior of that misogynist jerk in the White House. https://t.co/DuOq4Yrn1m

Jim Cramer called Speaker Nancy Pelosi "Crazy Nancy" on his show, and he should be fired immediately.

Quoted @therecount

Jim Cramer: “What deal can we have, Crazy Nancy? I’m sorry, that was the president. I have such reverence for the office. I would never use that term ...” Pelosi: “But you just did. But you just did.” https://t.co/4k2Cw5WL0d

This was absolutely intentional on the part of Jim Cramer. He knew exactly what he was doing. Jim Cramer has always been the guy who never quite fit in among other men because they find him dorky and/or insufferable, and his approach to get their approval is shit like this. https://t.co/fBHZ7gvkwS

Jim Cramer called Speaker Nancy Pelosi “Crazy Nancy” on his show. Raise your hand if you agree @CNBC should fire Cramer immediately. ✋🏼

I have long argued that CNBC is as corrosive to our society as Fox, and here is Jim Cramer calling the Speaker of the House “Crazy Nancy” to her face. Cramer should be suspended and CNBC owes her an apology. https://t.co/0GVdSqNcLe

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