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and make you jump through so many hoops to actually receive treatment at, and in most cases below, a standard level of care that most people simply give up trying. That is American Healthcare.

Pain, mental health, most other chronic neurological conditions...If we don't see blood or broken bones it doesn't exist and you don't deserve treatment, regardless of what your doctors are saying and the medical field as a whole are stating. Insurance will deny your claims...

Added my overdub to Youtube too if you guys for some reason felt the need to embed or share it. Now that I know how to make these easily I'll probably be posting more and more in the future. Tons of fun. And to be that, comment & subscribe😂

Oh and good luck treating your PTSD from the event. That care can cost tens of thousands of dollars. If, that is, people would even seek treatment in the first place. Us Americans have a tendency to completely ignore mental health issues. Again, thanks to our leaders.

Another fun fact on the American healthcare system. If a mass shooter mows you down and sends you to the hospital, you get to foot the bill. Could be millions if you don't have insurance. If the shooter doesn't kill you the American healthcare system will.

Nowhere but America is anyone questioning their top doctors, scientists, and health experts when it comes to the pandemic. Americans are doing it in mass thanks to Trump and we have the absolute worst rates in the world. Since when did medical science become a political issue?!?

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The most outrageous lies are the ones about Covid 19. Everyone is lying. The CDC, Media, Democrats, our Doctors, not all but most ,that we are told to trust. I think it's all about the election and keeping the economy from coming back, which is about the election. I'm sick of it.

You’re a failed game show host. I’ll trust the doctors on this one.

@BizarreLazar It’s so insane to me as an Aussie to see the prices y’all have to pay for basic medication.

If not we will sell it cheap. Additionally, the article points out that other countries will get a super cheap generic form, still produced by the original manufacturer mind you but the US will have to pay full inflated prices for some reason... how the actual fuck does any of

patient." Basically stating that without competition, remdesivir would charge $5000 if it saves lives. If it doesn't save lives it's only worth $310...and can cost as low as $10 to manufacture. So, if people need it to live, all else being equal, we're gonna fuck them on price.

among ventilated patients, a fair price might be as low as $2,520. ...if remdesivir does not save patients’ lives, the drug might be worth as little as $310. The group also said that, to recoup the manufacturers cost, the drug might need to cost anywhere from $10 to $1,600 per

A glance at just how fucked up the US healthcare system is in one article: "...remdesivir would be cost-effective at as much as $5,080 per treatment course. But it also said that, given recent studies showing that dexamethasone, a cheap and ubiquitous steroid, could save lives

I couldn’t let the Donald have all the fun. FLOTUS wearing a mask in a puff piece overdubbed with Its A Little Too Late

Well that synced up a little too perfectly

It's crazy to me that we are just letting all of this happen.

Ok now that’s funny 😆

Ok now that’s funny 😆

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@BizarreLazar never happened jew🤣

Dealing with fuckbags like this guy my whole life #JewishPrivilege

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