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South Africa
Joined on September 13, 2010

We looked inside some of the tweets by @Biz_HR and here's what we found interesting.

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#BBBEECodes need to change to protect and enable #SME growth via @Biz_HR

Are SA employers allowed to implement a compulsory #Covid19vaccine policy? (Part 2) by Jason Whyte via @Biz_HR #Covid19testing #Covid19 #employmentpolicy

Community development in the mining industry requires buy in and training to be effective by Jacques Farmer via @Biz_Energy_

Covid-19: An accelerant for inclusion in the workplace by Gcobisa Ntshona | @LexisNexisZA #bizpressoffice via @Biz_HR #covid-19 #inclusion

Are SA employers allowed to implement a compulsory #Covid19vaccine policy? (Part 1) by Jason Whyte via @Biz_HR #Covid19 #vaccine #employeepolicy

Making a hospital space feel psychologically safer helped South African health workers by Hamieda Parker via @Biz_Healthcare

#BizTrends2021: Evolution of #WorkforceSkills demand - what the future holds by Lyndy van den Barselaar via @Biz_HR #criticalskills #skillsdevelopment

BREAKING l Stage 2 load shedding from noon today till 11pm Sunday via @Biz_Energy_

3 easy steps to link time and attendance with productivity by Michelle Coetzee | @ERSBio #bizpressoffice via @Biz_HR

What are SA's most #indemand #jobs for the next decade? by Jake Willis via @Biz_HR #criticalskills

#Covid19 and the 'aha' moment the #workforce has been waiting for | Venture Workspace #bizpressoffice via @Biz_HR

Constant change becomes ordinary in 2021, but only when managed by Francois Kriel | Kriel & Co #bizpressoffice via @Biz_HR

Effective job search requires good emotion management by Serge da Motta Veiga via @Biz_HR

How the pandemic will shape the workplace trends of 2021 by Dave Cook via @Biz_HR

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