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Quoted @stuartpstevens

It is one of the saddest chapters in American democracy that most Republican leaders still are afraid of this mentally unstable, dangerous threat Their kids and grandkids will study them as profiles in cowardice.


The "plan your vote" interactive site is legit handy:

Bess Kalb
5 months ago

My heart goes out to Mike Pence and the entire Pence family on the tragic news of the upcoming Vice Presidential debate.

If you're always successful at bullshitting others it's because you don’t hang around people who are smarter than you.

One year ago, farmers and ranchers in Brazil coordinated a “Day of Fire” in the Amazon. Following that day, fire hotspots rose 1923%. We’ve since visited those burnt areas, and this is what we found. #ActForAmazon

“His malignant narcissism means that he is consumed by the need for constant praise. He is completely incapable of giving a sh!? about whether Americans are dying, since it’s so much less important than whether people are nice to him on TV.” @Timodc

Watching the Jonathan Swan interview reminded me of my interview with Chris Guest as Nigel Tufnel in Spinal Tap. Trump’s stupidity goes to 11.

The message is clear: environmental destruction is bad for business. It’s time companies and governments stop doing business with forest destroyers and protect the world’s vital ecosystems

6 months ago

“This is not complicated, Republicans,” @JoeNBC says. “You have a president that’s on the wrong side of every issue on the coronavirus … You’ve got a president who is on the wrong side of race.”

"It’s not just about police reform. It’s about educational reform, mental health reform, social service reform. It’s about health care reform and environmental justice reform.”

Today would be a good day for the newspaper editorial boards in America to call for Trumps resignation.

6 months ago

If you are refusing to wear a mask due to concern your brain won’t get enough oxygen, I’m here to tell you; that ship has already sailed.

You guys, if they’re teargassing the mayor of Portland think of what they’d do to you.

Here’s an idea for the president. We can apparently solve the issue of undocumented immigrants by just not counting them?

So far, more Americans have died from coronavirus than in the wars of Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan combined. And Brazil and Britain aren’t doing much better. Congratulations those right wing nutjob governments.

Quoted @parscale

Radical protestors, fueled by a week of apocalyptic media coverage, interfered with @realDonaldTrump supporters at the rally. They even blocked access to the metal detectors, preventing people from entering. Thanks to the 1,000s who made it anyway!

Actually you just got ROCKED by teens on TikTok who flooded the Trump campaign w/ fake ticket reservations & tricked you into believing a million people wanted your white supremacist open mic enough to pack an arena during COVID Shout out to Zoomers. Y’all make me so proud. ☺️

@CBSNews 2/2 ... nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'” — Isaac Asimov, Newsweek, Jan. 21, 1980

@CBSNews There is a cult of ignorance in the US, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, ... 1/2

Black people have been calling out racism for generations. We said it calmly. We shouted it in the streets. We put it in writing. We put it in our music. In our movies and our shows. We put it on stages. In our art. And you danced. You laughed. You clapped. But you never heard.

#bowflexsears Love this machine … used for 6 years

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