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Today is the 25th anniversary of my first book, The Road Ahead. I made a lot of predictions about technology in the book, and it was fun to look back and see what I got right (and what I got wrong).

This week, Rashida and I ask a big question that has never felt more urgent: is inequality inevitable? We spoke with Compton mayor @AjaLBrown and @OppInsights director Raj Chetty about what it’ll take to build a more equal society.

How can the fight to #endpolio help inform the  #COVID19 response? The @unfoundation’s Elizabeth Thrush looks at how the lessons from global efforts to eliminate polio can be applied to the current pandemic:

You can listen to a bonus clip that didn’t make it into our latest episode here:

You can listen to a bonus clip that didn’t make it into our latest episode here:

Nearly forty million people have Alzheimer’s or dementia today. We have no way to stop or even slow the disease at this point, but I’m hopeful the new Alzheimer’s Disease Data Initiative (@AlzData) will speed up progress.

In our first podcast episode, Rashida Jones and I talked to Dr. Anthony Fauci about what to expect in the coming months and what the world will look like after COVID-19.

More than 7 million community health workers serve their neighbors around the world, improving access to primary healthcare for their communities. Now they’re doing heroic work to respond to the pandemic.

Quoted @MSuzman

Ending this pandemic will require the largest public health effort in history & much more funding. So, today @gatesfoundation is committing another $70million to global efforts to develop & distribute safe, affordable, & timely vaccines for low- & middle-income countries

No one is safe from COVID-19 until everyone is safe. We started the foundation because we believe every person deserves the chance to live a healthy and productive life. In this global crisis, that means people everywhere should have access to a safe vaccine when it’s available.

Each week, we’ll talk about some of the biggest issues facing our world with special guests including authors, experts, and friends.

I’m teaming up with Rashida Jones to ask the big questions. Check out our new podcast limited series starting Monday. You can subscribe here:

I look forward to working with the new administration and leaders on both sides in Congress on getting the surging pandemic under control, engaging partners around the world on issues like poverty and climate change, and addressing issues of inequality and opportunity at home.

Congratulations to President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris. Thank you to the election officials and campaign workers who worked tirelessly to ensure a record number of Americans could cast a ballot and have it counted during such an challenging time for our country.

Here in Washington, we always vote by mail. It's a safe and secure way to shape the future of our country. But regardless of whether you vote by mail or in person this year, I hope you plan to make your voice heard. Visit for more information.

Quoted @Rotary

The polio eradication infrastructure is playing a critical role in protecting communities from #COVID19. Find out how and join us for #WorldPolioDay on 24 October. Take part:

For decades, @Rotary has worked tirelessly to #EndPolio. Today, the health infrastructure they’ve built around the world is supporting the COVID-19 response. #WorldPolioDay

Even with his busy schedule, Dr. Fauci took the time to sit down with me (AGAIN) and talk about what we’ve gotten right and what we’ve gotten wrong. Let’s continue to be positive! #StateOfInspiration

I’ve been working for some time on a book about what we need to do over the next decade to avoid a climate disaster. I’m excited that it will be published on February 16.

It’s inspiring to see so much passion these days for dealing with climate change, and to know that the world has set some ambitious goals for solving it. What we need now are practical plans to reach those goals.

Quoted @narendramodi

Speaking at the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting 2020.

India’s research and manufacturing capacity are critical for fighting COVID-19. Thank you @narendramodi for speaking at today’s Grand Challenges meeting. @PMOIndia

Europe has an opportunity to get its economy back on track in a way that creates good jobs and reinforces its global climate leadership. Here are 55 ideas on how Europe can develop and scale up the innovative technologies we'll need to reach net-zero.

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