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This Halloween, y’all will learn to fear me … in my teacher costume! Class dismembered!

The first day of autumn means I’ve only got a few weeks till I hibernate. Time to get insanely busy!

Happy New Year y’all! Let’s make this spin ‘round the sun a fun one.

I’m wishin’ y’all a Texas-style Christmas this year!! It’s like regular Christmas, only bigger.

I wrestled an ornery whelk and now my white boots are caked in brown mud. Does that count for Wear Brown Shoes Day?

I don’t need a Halloween costume to scare sea creatures. When they see my mammal fur, most of ‘em jump right outta their scales!

For Positive Thinking Day, I’m gonna attempt the longest boating jump in history! Think positive thoughts for me, everybody!

For National Relaxation Day, I’ll be stretching, bike-riding, kayaking, visiting all my friends … whew, relaxing can be exhausting!

Fourth of July is fun in Bikini Bottom, but I miss celebrating this holiday on land. For one thing, underwater fireworks are a total dud.

Science tells us love is merely a mixture of chemicals in the body, but I reckon it's also this Valentine I got from SpongeBob.

Happy New Year y'all! My resolution for 2014: try not to blow as much stuff up as I did last year. It is pretty fun though.

All I want for Christmas is a turbo laser, two thousand gallons of jet fuel and a carbon fiber lariat! Never said I was easy to shop for.

Lucky for me, I've got a square dance partner to swing round and round! But no dosey with SpongeBob: he'll just end up on the ground.

This Thanksgiving, I would like to give thanks for oxygen tanks! If it weren't for those, I'd surely have to move and right quick too.

All the Halloween candy I give out is "Texas style"! It's the same as regular candy, but mine is covered in mesquite barbecue sauce.

All I want for Christmas is to understand the propulsion system on Santa’s sleigh. If he’ll show me that, I’ll deliver his presents for him!

My Halloween costume is a real scientific breakthrough: an invisibility cloak! I think it's great but nobody seems to have even noticed it.

Instead of April Fool’s Day why don't we have April “Fool Proof” Day? I think that would be much smarter.

Scientifically speaking, there's no such thing as a leprechaun. But I'm feeling lucky this year!

This Valentine's Day, I'm gonna fly SpongeBob to the Moon! I mean that literally.

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