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Life of a feminist, blogger, reader, teacher, learner.. politics of left, right or center don't in the power of truth.

Mumbai, India
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21 hours ago

Jinki apni DP nakli ho, woh doosro ke photos par battameezi nahi kiya karte!

A fantastic video of #HimachalPradesh made by The Punjabi Wanderer using mostly drones....the mountains are calling me! ❤️❤️❤️

A Black Diamond Apple from the mountains of Tibet.

A Black Diamond Apple from the mountains of Tibet.

If you have a teenager at home or you know one, ask them to watch this 81 sec clip. Probably the most important lesson they will ever learn.

Quoted @PoojaB1972

Hunger & unemployment kills people,a fractured society makes them turn to intoxicants to cope with despair,women as young as six months & as old as 90 get violated,venomous people-women included,insult,threaten other women on social media daily but nobody is doing anything! 🙏

A stunning revelation. People take to drugs because the society has become fractured. Imagining a guy at a rave party tell the other "Bro society has become so polarised. La thoda heroine aur LSD la"!

What a counter punch. This is hardly in any news.

Why the empty nest syndrome is meant for birds not humans...why caring for our aged parents is never a choice but a responsibility Check out this interesting blog post #ThursdayThoughts #seniors #Children #parenting #Sharing #writers #writerslife #women

Everyone smiles in the same language....

Quoted @ShefVaidya

I am guessing this is from Delhi. No wonder @ArvindKejriwal gets elected here!

Cringeworthy. Reflects on our parenting and education system.

#StepFarming. Heard a lot but never saw any Step farm beautiful than this. #Farmers

Quoted @MrinalPande1

No matter when it was created . It's in very poor taste and an affront to the memory of a visionary who made millions of women truly Atmnirbhar !

Smart spin when caught. Ordinary mortals apologize when caught making a deliberate mistake, ‘eminent’ journalists spin their way through it. The cartoon did not offend 25 years ago when it was made, but is offensive today because support and outrage is all manufactured.

A physicist's devi vandana!

"A recipe for dosa, known as dosaka, is found in the Manasollasa, an early 12th century work written in Sanskrit by King Someshvara III who ruled over present-day #Karnataka, a state in southern India" That settles the debate,like the origin of mysore pak.

recently had a very inappropriate exchange of messaging with an HR influencer. The excuse given by him is that he blacked out & does not remember what he was saying & writing. With this, the person has no other explanation or no apology to extend.I pity those who engage with him. The Forgotten Maharashtra Village That Gave Birth to India's Favourite Candies The Forgotten Maharashtra Village That Gave Birth to India's Favourite Candies

Best video on internet today Mudassar from Coorg used to harass a married Hindu woman one day she asked to meet him when he came, she along with her husband and local boys Thπashed this Love Zeehadí Take ur popcorn and watch this video🤣🤣🤣🤣✌🏻

I took a one day break from Twitter. One day! And Akbar started drinking Gangajal and offering arghya to Suryadev! Maybe thats why he is Akbar, the Great!

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