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We are the UK's leading non-partisan advocacy group upholding internationalist values. ▪️Our CEO is @pimlicat ▪️Guest tweets: @sturdyAlex (~AA)

Joined on March 26, 2017

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This is a thread about the borders of Kent 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 These are words I never thought I would write. It's surprisingly interesting. And surprisingly like the Balkans.

No deal Brexit would be '"enormous failure", says Ireland's foreign minister Simon Coveney

Let your tractor or farm vehicle do the demonstrating! Your country needs you! Join us next Monday, sign up here #FarmBill2020 #AgricultureBill

Our #SaveBritishFarming tractor demo in #Northallerton, North Yorkshire is preparing to kick off. We’re campaigning to keep 🇬🇧 #FoodStandards

Our #SaveBritishFarming tractor demo in #Northallerton, North Yorkshire is preparing to kick off. We’re campaigning to keep 🇬🇧 #FoodStandards

Captain Janeway would not be impressed.

There appears to be quite a split developing in government...🍿

This is quite revealing: "When a friend recently tried to alert Johnson to Labour’s positioning on an issue, he replied that he simply didn’t have time to think about these kind of political questions as he was totally focused on Covid" 😬

We can avoid some (certainly not all) of this if we secure a proper deal...

From “whatever it takes” to protect our NHS... ... to this.

Wealthy Britons step up citizenship shopping to retain visa free access to the EU, while the rest of us just have our citizenship ripped from us against our will via @cayCompass

“It won’t work,” he said. “So let’s not waste time with these unfortunate tactical games and let’s negotiate fairly.”

Add your name to the petition now. Everyone should be able to afford enough, good food to feed their family. Help us tell the government to get the comprehensive deal they promised with Europe.

‘These new figures mean one thing for struggling Britons: hunger. This disaster is unfolding on Boris Johnson’s watch, and his bluster and blather will not stop families starving. The time to agree a deal is now, or on his conscience be it.’ 4/4 @pimlicat

‘With unemployment rising, Covid-19 returning & global business confidence shattered, it is now imperative the UK Government delivers the trade deal it promised us all, before these rising food costs pile pressure on top of pressure for UK businesses & consumers. 3/4 @pimlicat

That means the most vulnerable in society are going to be at greatest risk of going hungry. Our figures show that even a small basket of nine basic foodstuffs could cost £250-a-year more. 2/4 @pimlicat

Comment from Naomi Smith, CEO @BestForBritain (@BestForBritain pimlicat): ‘@the_brc figures support our findings in the @FoodAffordable report, and a lot of the foodstuffs affected are going to be basic essentials such as pasta and tinned tomatoes. 1/4

With the coronavirus crisis already having a major impact on consumer spending, it is more important than ever that Government agrees a deal that does not lead to price increases in shops and online.

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