Josh sez "Keep strong. Keep safe. Take yer meds."

Gamer, creator, and drawing guy. (He/Him) Mostly RPG and nerd stuff. Occasional cat pics and lefty retweets. Ennies for Hobomancer and Hobomancer's Companion.

Joined on July 19, 2009

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Someone on my block is blaring their stereo, filling the whole street with smooth jazz, and I am THERE FOR IT!

Quoted @artbytesslyn

POORLY DESCRIBE YOUR DND CHARACTERS -rich gray Instagram aesthetic bitch with too much social clout -big blue idiot who is big

POORLY DESCRIBE YOUR D&D CHARACTER(S) *Evil edgelord cleric too naturally friendly to effectively lord edges. *Close-talking dude-bro wizard who loves to hug. *Literally Mojo Nixon.

Holy moley, my book Akashic Titan is now on sale at the Goodman Games site!

101 City Encounters, Akashic Titan, and Three Other New Titles Now Available In Our Online Store!

101 City Encounters, Akashic Titan, and Three Other New Titles Now Available In Our Online Store!

I have to keep reminding myself here that I am seeing 100 people make one project each, not one person making 100 projects.

Work stress. Angry about getting screwed over. Even though I havent yet been screwed over. But I think I might get screwed over. Even though there's mo evidence I'm going to her screwed over.

Wherein I tell you why you should back Laser Ponies Bernie the Flumph: Laser Ponies! 10-Days left on Kickstarter!

Fred Hembeck is just wonderful for doing this

Fred Hembeck is just wonderful for doing this

People like work; they hate jobs. Believing the opposite is true is a huge part of why folks have a hard time imagining any system other than capitalism.

80 pounds of zines arrived at my door this evening. Time to start stuffing envelopes.

Remember to be kind to yourselves, internet buddies.

Anne goes over the evolution of my Wizard City character, Jimbo Chirrup.

Laser Ponies (a fun rpg for fun people) is less than $100 away from its first stretch goal! Let's push it over that edge, gang!

Quoted @valerievaldes

Valerie: Yes Val: You’re one of my friends or you get overly familiar with people really fast Valerita: You’re a medium channeling my dead abuelos Valeria: You don’t know me and either your first language is Spanish or you assume I’ve spelled my own name wrong Annie: Hi Dad

Josh: Sure Joshua: You're one of my wife's friends My Joshua: You are my wife JB: You're a co-worker Mayor JB: You're an online RP chat friend from the early 00s. J-Bird: You're my boss.

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