Bernard Stanley Aime

Real estate agent in Marietta GA, and surrounding areas.

Marietta, GA
Joined on January 08, 2016

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All nurses and other essential workers should have their student loans forgiven; they should not pay more than half of their loans, if all of it is not forgiven.

Atheist College Professor dies and sees hell and demons. It changed his ... via @YouTube

Well, the Raptors are giving the Warriors a taste of their own medicine. They move the ball as well as the Warriors. That’s how you play basketball. It’s a team game. Forget about “dribble, dribble, dribble, shoot”!

Let’s talk soccer for a while. Altidore is a very good striker. Why is he afraid to shoot the ball? The US would be much better if Altidore was more aggressive.

Coach Steve Kerr, Perhaps one of your players will read this and pass it on to you. Let Draymond Green bring the ball up every time so that Klay and Steph can position themselves to shoot. I’m not trying to coach your team. I’m just making a suggestion.

Now, let’s talk about Philadelphia. The Sixers can be a very good team. Why doesn’t the coach tell Embiid to keep his ass in the paint instead of shooting those three pointers? And Ben Simmons needs to shoot more of those soft little jump shots.

Years ago, the Governor May have done something stupid. Let’s focus on what he is doing now. Those who are criticizing him are probably doing worse right now.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. I’m ready to watch a good game. However, I need to briefly mention something else. Why are they asking a Governor to resign for something that happened years ? We all do stupid things when we are young. Why don’t they talk about the good things.

I was wrong twice today. I’m not picking any more teams.

Saints all the way !

Let me see how much you guys know football. Which two teams will meet in Atlanta for the Super Bowl?

When will my Redskins win another super bowl? That's all I want to know.

This season, the warriors look vulnerable.

⚡️ “Miss USA apologizes for comments about fellow contestants' English-speaking abilities” I'm glad she apologized. Unfortunately, she has already shown her ignorance. I bet she cannot say one sentence in a language other than English.

⚡️ “Miss USA apologizes for comments about fellow contestants' English-speaking abilities”

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