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$45M Arizona hospital to open in November, orthopedics coming in early 2021 https://t.co/03xVjbz5T9

Titan Medical hits $10M technical milestone under Medtronic agreement https://t.co/KEYFCTP8cT

NHRMC to close Orthopedic Hospital, redirect services — 3 details https://t.co/ArfMZYkMx8

Texas hospital adds robotic spine surgery https://t.co/EJ2Hw26EWN

Dr. Eeric Truumees on the year ahead and his hopes for the North American Spine Society  https://t.co/hZsFt6yyvJ

Inside Rothman Orthopaedics - Florida's sports medicine strategy: Q&A with Dr. Daryl Osbahr https://t.co/8Ldz41xvnZ

Surgalign Holdings acquires spine-focused company with AR + AI navigation system https://t.co/EDGGMeKsU8

Rothman Orthopaedics surgeons earn AOFAS' best paper award https://t.co/ywK2vhyKEx

$23M+ office with orthopedic center opens at Vermont hospital https://t.co/oJhsFjfOJ3

Google searches can track and trend coronavirus outbreaks, says Mayo Clinic neurosurgeon https://t.co/g9ofLuLeMB

Retired Washington surgeons urge hospital to sever ties with health system due to concerns about access to care https://t.co/0HLPxbU0hP

100 best hospitals for neurosurgery in 2021 https://t.co/fV2RKcY7SZ

Virginia Spine Institute president dons AR headset for innovative surgery: 5 details https://t.co/JYcJTxVFdK

Orchid Orthopedic Solutions names Nate Folkert as new CEO https://t.co/tfaxcjT6nS

New robotic software used at Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery Center for first time https://t.co/WDHMoTVYaX

US expected to resume coronavirus vaccine trial halted by spinal disorder https://t.co/T41Wwl67nK

Virginia multispecialty group opens 8-physician spine center https://t.co/VjdzLuxarj

Healthgrades' 100 best hospitals for orthopedic surgery, 2021 https://t.co/UrmaGFUTL6

Dr. Edward Chang elected to National Academy of Medicine https://t.co/eQVVEgPlbp

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