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Allow me to help bring out the absolute best in your voice! Learn more at my website or my YouTube page. In-person lessons offered in 3 cities and on Skype.

New York, Boston, Los Angeles
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#Singers: To err is human. Making it sound intentional (and musical) is what the great ones do. #IMeantToDoThat!

#Singers: Waiting for these? Confidence Originality Uniqueness Range Accuracy Great songs Energy Instead, find the word in capitols!

#Singers: Songs & shoes both come in various half sizes. Both should feel good for hours. No need to suffer to sound or look your best!

#Singers: Remember no one is ENTITLED to an audience (or applause). But if you sing like their attention is the honor it is you'll get both!

#Singers: Today ends mental health week - but for many maintaining a healthy perspective requires a lifelong commitment. Mindset matters!

#Singers: Intention drives all vocal behaviors. "Better" is not an intention (it's a desire). Define to refine your singing!

#Singers: Denial blocks the light of possibility. Don't ruminate - illuminate! Shine a light on your needs and change becomes possible.

Great #singers know the difference between imitation & inspiration. Be great. Don't imitate!

#Singers: Want to develop your voice faster? Slooow down and stretch out your vocalizing. An hour a day (at least) of exercises - then sing!

#Singers: If you're unable to vocalize right now it still helps to visualize yourself #singing through a song -- unless your boss is nearby (or you can't mute your Zoom meeting)!

#Singers: The gift of music is a prime example of paying it forward. So pay on with joy and passion - pay on!

#Singers: Too tired to practice? Just remember: Perspire or Inspire. Rev up with aerobic activity or search YouTube for new vocal exercises.

#Singers: Strange how quick we will prop up a friend who is feeling down about a performance but don't extend that same care to ourselves.

#Singers: Think you need confidence to #sing? Think again. Insecurity (as a teen) is the only thing all famous performers have in common!

#Singers: Dreams don't come true. Decisions do! So make the decision to develop the voice of your dreams!

Still ecstatic that I was able to start my series "Vocal Coaches on YouTube" with none-other than the legendary Mark Baxter - @BaxterOnSinging

Still ecstatic that I was able to start my series "Vocal Coaches on YouTube" with none-other than the legendary Mark Baxter - @BaxterOnSinging

#Singers: Singing is just making waves. Why let them crash when it's so much fun to ride them? Surf's up!

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