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Supporter of all who want to KAG! NO patience for NFL kneelers. Supporter of 2nd Amendment, NRA. NO ROMANCE! NO MONEY, DON't ASK, EVEN FOR CHARITIES, MAGA

Calif, Tennessee USA
Joined on May 14, 2011

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@DaneCloud2 @HowleyReporter This has to stop!!! Attn: AG Barr!!!!!!!

@NickAdamsinUSA @REDSTILETTO4 It’s not ! Cheating

@NickAdamsinUSA He also messed with something under his jacket by his right chest.

@MelanieMandeli1 @NickAdamsinUSA Don't use the Lord's name cupcake in this. Pay attention ,he was wired

@NickAdamsinUSA Looks like Jose Altuve hooked him up with the goods.

@NickAdamsinUSA Looks like a port for medication

@NickAdamsinUSA That’s an I V

@NickAdamsinUSA @auburn_dave Dude. That’s going under the skin? IV drip of Aderall?

@NickAdamsinUSA Hidden Mic

@NickAdamsinUSA He was wired !

@NickAdamsinUSA @TruthseekerAnb That's not the position of any cuff link lol.

@NickAdamsinUSA Damn you was paying real close attention to see that

@NickAdamsinUSA Weird And why does Joe cough into his hand! He’s supposed to be following the science. Use your arm man!!

@NickAdamsinUSA IV drug pump. He's going to be down for at least a week, recovering from all that...

6 hours ago

@NickAdamsinUSA Cough if you cant hear... oldest trick in the book

@NickAdamsinUSA I'v .We have seen his scared hands and wrist hes pretty sick.

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