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Could not believe this protein bar is vegan- it was delicious and full of flavor! Read my full @myironvegan review @socialnature! #GotItFree #fuelyouradventure

As my father explained during his lifetime, a riot is the language of the unheard.

Adding Progressive VegeGreens to my shopping list now that I know there is a tasty way to get my veggies in! Full review @socialnature #GotItFree

5 months ago

Roy Horn of Siegfried and Roy Has Died at 75 After Catching COVID-19

The Italian airforce gives a big emotional lift to their nation with Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma (let no one sleep)and where lyrics say venceremos(we will overcome)they have their planes dramatically facing and overpowering the single plane (virus) with their National Flag!

I found Giuseppe and I’m on my way to winning big prizes! Click here and you could win prizes too!

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Please help me win this Japanese snack giveaway from @japancandystore! 🍬 #japanesesnacks #japanesecandy

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Happy Birthday to my daughter!! Turned 21 today, omgosh

Weekend plan: Wake up, then go straight back to sleep (chopp_corgi / IG)

This guy legit drew Kobe and Gigi using just their names!!!! This has to be the best thing I've seen today 💔 💔 💔

Get $10 off first box off your first order at #FabFitFun

8 months ago

Someone needs to give this girl an Emmy I am dying lmfaooo

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