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Exposing all the bad things and blown calls refs have done in sports. Send us all your worst blown calls. Created by @NOTSportsCenter and @OldTakesExposed

Blowing calls in your game
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For almost every other umpire on earth this is an HBP, for Angel Hernandez this is a lean in, so Kyle Schwarber doesn’t get the base. He then struck out.

Refs somehow didn’t think there was pass interference here #CINvsCLE

TNF refs actually called this AJ Green play a catch on the field and the Browns had to waste a challenge on it to get it overturned #CINvsCLE

Josh Donaldson got the ultimate revenge on a bad umpire by hitting a HR right after arguing a bad strike call, then kicking dirt on the plate as he crossed it (he was ejected for it)

September 16, 2000: Florida’s Jabar Gaffney “catches” the @JessePalmerTV pass for the game-winning TD and UF beats Tennessee 27-23

The refs, getting ready to have another big performance in the 4th quarter of a Game 7

Ignore the second redundant sentence “Derrick Jones Jr into Marcus Smart, who flops*”

Kemba Walker pushes Derrick Jones Jr into Marcus Smart, who flops Derrick Jones into Marcus Smart, who flops, gets a free technical FT, and ties the game w/ 20+ secs left to go to OT.

See Cowboys fans? The only team we hate is the refs

Rough OPI call against the Cowboys #DALvsLAR


Cowboy fans would like us to point out this missed hands to the face also. Here you go.

Refs will call someone for roughing just for being in the same zip code as a QB, yet called absolutely nothing here on a play that was an interception #DALvsLAR

The Cowboys, before picking off Jared Goff without a penalty called

Yes, the refs are already screwing you. No, it doesn’t matter which team this applies to. Because it’s all of them.

Ref watches Alex Tuch run right over Corey Perry. Play on. #VGKvsDAL

Try telling this ref “that was a bad call” and see what happens

Try telling this ref “that was a bad call” and see what happens

Quoted @BadSportsRefs

“How can we ruin this game this time?”

“How can we ruin this game this time?”

You know they’re looking to make a big play here

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