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Paper Planes is a weird combination of different styles, with an instrumental thats got more of a pop vibe to it than hip hop, but a rythmic vocal delivery that keeps it all together as a hip hop song. Also the samples of the cash register add a little bit to it too

I have heard this song multiple times before, but I look at it in a different light by comparing it to other hip hop I listen to. I listened to Paper Planes by M.I.A. #Societies1045

Some of my favorite rap artists include Kendrick Lamar and Joey Bada$$ because of their effective use of wordplay and the way that they speak about their experience with current social issues #Societies1045

In many cases this leads to a better understanding of how to use alcohol safely and more responsibly than those who wait until they are 21 and immediately drink excessively because it is legal, but they didn't learn how to use it responsibly #Societies1045

Highschool students and underclassmen in college are expected to try drinking and for many people, this period allows them to try it in a safer, more enclosed environment than if they went to a bar the first time they tried drinking #Societies1045

In my opinion, lowering the drinking age may not be a start to changing the drinking culture in America, but it will allow young people who are already expected to drink to not be punished for a social norm #Societies1045

that is why criminal justice system should be about reintegrating inmates that have the ability to make up for their mistakes and become better people back into society #Societies1045

the people that are locked away in prison are still people, and deserve to be treated how anyone else wants to be treated #Societies1045

When talking about the criminal justice system, it is easy to get lost in the politics of it and forget that there are people that have to experience it #Societies1045

I also found that some of the practices such as very little hours outside of the cells and censoring newspapers and other media was a little worrying #Societies1045

The only representation of the prison was from the point of view of the guards, and they only showed what the prison wanted to show in the video, so it couldn't expose any of the underlying problems if it had any #Societies1045

the main goal would be to help reintegrate inmates into society without making them feel ostracized, so the chances that they turn back to crime are reduced - Beck F #Societies1045

If rehabilitation is possible, the prison would do anything in its power to educate, strengthen values, and help inmates to individually understand how their actions had a negative impact on society #Societies1045

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