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10 days ago

Human behavior is hilarious to me, we are all just a bunch of hairless apes trying to make sense of this world! 🤷🏻‍♂️

It took me a min to understand that some people are just stupid & u can’t change them

18 days ago

My chili addiction is going to be the end of me.

I don’t understand how people can live their life so negative everyday. How draining!

Good luck to the shops and businesses opening back up today! Hope you bounce back ASAP!

You ever attend a meeting and it’s just a bunch of people using buzzwords in vague sentences? Like, you are speaking but you really aren’t saying anything.

a month ago

This would be a good time for Tupac to be alive.

You know what's brazy... somethings will never be the same.

The Game
2 months ago

Get all that hate out ya heart.

2 months ago

Deorro killing like always.

@LilTunechi @AppleMusic Lil Wayne and Eminem walking into the studio....

I genuinely love seeing my friends succeed! There are people out there who don’t share that same feeling and that astounds me.

Quoted @Jayyyygeeeeeee

Raiders suck 🗣🗣 😂😂😂

Smart kid. 😂

People that spend the majority of their time looking at screens and cruising the web have a very micro mentality. They lack the understanding that is the big picture thus they stay reactive in their state

Being quarantined with your best friend & lover is ☺️💕

3 months ago

This one for my people that have experienced what it is to be in a toxic situationship. ☠💔 #PressPlay

3 months ago

Thank you God for allowing me to have such great people around me throughout these hard times! 🙏🏻 #Blessed

3 months ago

New song❗ Thank you for listening.❤

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