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On choreography: EU leaders won't engage until they see progress at technical level, despite UK view that Merkron now needed. So talks next week imp. XS Cabinet sub-committee could be moment @BorisJohnson gives @DavidGHFrost flexibility to take talks (meaningfully) forward 2/2

Yes👇EU leaders unlikely to engage till hear from Barnier there’s movement from UK. Even then there’ll likely be quite some to and fro. If/when deal almost there, it’s thought PM might meet EU Commission Pres before sign off of deal at General Affairs Council (not leaders summit) https://t.co/ByAMsGMwlv

Bluster and posturing aside, how close are we to an EU-UK post #Brexit trade deal? My thoughts from Brussels ahead of next week‘s formal negotiating round👇 https://t.co/BXMlDjETYM

Quoted @andreas212nyc

Top categories #EUinfluencer EU Politics: @astroehlein Economy+Trade: @BBCkatyaadler Agriculture: @fleroy1974 Transport: @BaldwinMatthew_ Energy: @gazzema Food+Drink: @eurohumph Health: @ktowens Sustainability+Environment: @LotteLeicht1 Tech: @PaulNemitz https://t.co/rX7f1GZded

Honoured! Thank you https://t.co/pCR2WWsB8o

To include fish, police and judicial cooperation, professional qualifications and data flow .. On a technical level there is EU-UK agreement on majority of elements but concensus is: the political decisions that remain will decide if there’s a deal this year or not /12

Still time to ratify in European and UK parliament. Aim is to keep deal at a level where it needs approval by all EU leaders but not all national parliaments. Even though what EU and UK still aiming for goes beyond a basic free trade agreement /11

BUT not all EU countries on board with that compromise (France..) and UK compromise positions not at all clear either. Guesstimate in EU capitals is - if reached- a trade deal (with all the back and forth *needed* between now and then) might be concluded by mid/late November /10

UK would be free to implement those principles as it saw fit and if EU felt that implementation allowed unfair competition to UK businesses in EU single market, then Brussels could trigger arbitration process. This is a compromise position being floated in some EU circles /9

Eventual deal to their business owners and voters back home. NB Big UK trading partners France, Netherlands, Germany already feel the weight of upcoming big elections back home. EU politicians would want the UK to sign up to „principals“ on labour, environment, state aid /8

The UK signs up to having a robust arbitration mechanism in the deal. This, so that EU could feel assured that if UK broke competition rules(or vice versa of course), swift action could be taken. Apart from „protecting single market“ EU leaders need to be able to sell an /7

But it’s not yet there on those key sticking points. Both the EU and the UK need to make compromises. On the EU side, some countries suggest the EU could compromise on level playing field demands - thereby protecting UK post #Brexit sovereignty - if and only if - /6

Sticking points remain the same: state aid (and other level playing field issues), fish and governance. This is why EU diplomats say there’s no point right going into a media blackout negotiating „tunnel“. Only enter those, they say, if the political landing zone is in sight /5

Everyone here admits a deal is in EU best interest too. But both UK and EU insist they cannot accept a deal „at any price“. So far, so NOT new. Has anything changed then as we head next week into next negotiating round? Yes and no is the (irritating) answer ../4

Not much trust here in Johnson government. BUT EU leaders still believe PM wants a deal. High level EU insider told me „government „mess“ over exams and covid19 test and trace plus huge strains on UK economy make it more likely the uk government will complete a trade deal“ /3

B) more downbeat EU assessment is this is a PR exercise by Downing Street. Suggesting compromise (but not coming up with specific political compromise on state aid for example) .. only to use apparent UK flexibility to accuse EU of intransigence if talks ultimately break down /2

Reaction in Brussels to this article 👇 is that either A) Downing Street is sending a message via journalist that it is now willing to make compromises - thereby immediately making a deal more likely (as Eu already said it‘s willing to compromise) OR ../1 https://t.co/1Tj51vtHAP

Typo above in /3 Should read: EU will call for meeting of Specialised Committee on the Protocol -as time running out

NB the Protocol was designed as an “all weather agreement” - to exist in case there was no trade deal but that could be superseded by a deal. EU diplomats keen to remind that NIreland Assembly this week adopted a motion rejecting the government’s Internal Market Bill /9

For Ireland, NIreland, for EU single market, for the peace process as a whole. “That uncertainty was supposed to be over and done with,” is what you repeatedly hear in Brussels. “That is why EU and UK negotiators worked so long and hard for three years to try and solve” /8

Huge concern for EU -particularly Ireland - is if Protocol not implemented and there’s no trade deal between EU and UK, then we’re back to the haunting question of where border checks can be carried out.. with all the political, social, economic implications that involves - /7

EU still waiting to see UK food sanitation legislation to take hold after 1 Jan. It points out that EU always knows legislation of other countries before putting them on the list. UK can be no exception. “Verbal assurances aren’t enough” says Brussels /6

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