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Kamala Harris has made history as the first female, first black and first Asian-American US vice-president We take a look at her life and career - and how you say her name

President Joe Biden's first act to re-join the Paris climate agreement sets the tone for an ambitious approach

President Joe Biden gets to work on reversing Trump policies with executive orders

US to rejoin Paris climate agreement as President Biden sets to work dismantling Trump policies

Social media giants grilled on the role their platforms played in recent events in Washington, where a mob broke into Congress

Bernie Sanders' mittens, a historic fist bump and Melania's outfit change Here are the inauguration moments you may have missed

"This is our historic moment of crisis and challenge and unity is the path forward" In his inaugural speech, President Joe Biden outlined some of the biggest challenges facing his presidency He promised to be a president "for all Americans"

Bernie Sanders' mittens and other moments you may have missed

"Poetry is a weapon. It is an instrument of social change" Amanda Gorman has become the youngest poet ever to perform at a presidential inauguration, calling for "unity and togetherness" in her self-penned poem

President Joe Biden, along with his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, cross the threshold into the White House for the first time in their new roles

"She was born for the job. Her dedication - like mine - was to academics, being an all around good person and to integrity" The stories behind the women who went to Howard University with Vice-President Kamala Harris

Call of Duty gamer Thomas 'ZooMaa' Paparatto, 25, says he's stepping back from professional gaming, due to a thumb injury

"Democracy has prevailed" In his inaugural address as the 46th president of the United States, Joe Biden said it was a "day of history and hope"

President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris honour fallen members of the military at Arlington National Cemetery following their inauguration The cemetery is the resting place of US troops going back to the Civil War

"When it turned out to be a picture perfect success, there was a lot of tears" Sir Richard Branson's rocket company Virgin Orbit has succeeded in putting its first satellites into space 🛰️

Pakistani fans celebrate India's historic cricket win over Australia

President Biden's inauguration speech calls for unity - it won't be easy, writes @awzurcher

Tunisia youths warned over riots, sparked by unemployment and an economic crisis, amid Covid curfew

"If I could only do one more thing with my life, then I'd want to cycle round the world" With his cancer in remission, Luke set off from Bristol on a tandem in January 2019 – but then faced closed borders because of the pandemic

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