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At 10 @huwbbc: @bbclaurak+Brexit vote @jonkay01+rule of six @BBCHughPym+testing @JudithMoritz+Manchester @AleemMaqbool+fires @BowenBBC+Lebanon special report @BBCMorelle+antibodies @BBCPallab+Venus @magnusmcg editing #BBCNewsTen

Something really exciting is happening this month on #skyatnight, we've got a Special Report! Watch this teaser and tune in this MONDAY, 14th September at 22.30 on @BBCFOUR

I'm sure there are a lot of Venus phosphine stories out there and I am not saying mine is the best. But it is probably one of the better ones and finding the very best will take you time, so your optimal strategy is to read mine as it is right here.

Is there life floating in the clouds of Venus? ⁦@BBCAmos⁩ doesn’t count it out.

@EditorsUK @absw @SMC_London @BBCPallab @andrewdagnell @theipaper @editorianmurray If only science writers filled the press room at the White House, asking questions only an epidemiologist could answer. Instead, a radiologist tells us children don't need masks and "herd immunity" is the answer. (Writing from home, six months into my new life as a hermit.)

Who provides the best coverage of Covid-19, political or science journalists? Watch a panel discussion with a few of us from @theipaper @itvnews @smc_London and @BBCNews. Organised by @absw and @EditorsUK

Introducing an item about a super black hole in space, @BBCSimonMcCoy said that @BBCPallab had been “looking into it”. Love it.

22 days ago

We've just been planning our exciting session "Political vs science correspondents covering Covid-19: conflict or cooperation?" It's next Tuesday with @BBCPallab @SMC_London s Fiona Fox @JaneMerrick23 and @EditorsUK's Ian Murray. You can sign up here!

On @BBCBreaking: "Scientists have discovered the largest Black Hole, yet. @BBCPallab has ben looking into it". #CAREFUL

Baroness Harding understood not to be applying for the permanent role of head of National Institute for Health Protection.

.@MattHancock wants to ramp up rapid population testing using ne faster techniques “over the remainder of the year. His challenge will be to turn his enthusiasm for the technology into a reliable system for the entire population. #noonesaygamechanger

⁦.⁦@ONS⁩ is to ramp up household #coronavirus testing to monitor infection at a city-wide level.

Local authority critics of the government’s bright shiny contact tracing system have been proved right. The job’s best done by people with local knowledge getting their info by going door to door - not by a centralised “army”. #COVID19

New #covid studies aim to save ethnic minority lives lives 'within months'#BAME

@ibundle @BBCPallab @d_spiegel Modelling has its place, but needs data, lots of data. Plus, response management is about much much more than numbers.

#SpaceHour This GIF is made up of images @Philae2014 beamed back to Earth in 2016 from the surface of Comet 67P, which Twitter user @landru79 processed and assembled into this short, looped clip to reveal the drama they contained. (Image Credit: @esa/@landru79)

Quoted @amymaxmen

More than 1,600 people have #COVID19, 6 are dead & more will be, because officials presiding over #SanQuentin prison turned down *free* tests & epidemiological advice from researchers, which was pushed forward to no avail by law firms. My latest:

Great journalism and a tragic story by @amymaxmen @NatureNews

@BBCPallab ‘Still’ is pushing it a bit. If they’d been guided by science they’d have locked down at least a week earlier for starters. This is another unhelpfully centralised model when we could learn from countries that have already done this well and decentralised to local primary care.

@BBCPallab @PeaseRoland @PHE_uk a good start would be transparency about membership/remit, then us journalists can tell the public about what it's doing/scrutinise

@PeaseRoland @BBCPallab "In June govt announced that Dr Clare Gardiner, a director at the National Cyber Security Centre with a background in medical statistics & epidemiology, would head up the centre. She takes over from Home Office official Tom Hurd, who briefly led the JBC"

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