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I Decided I’m worth the cost of good coffee what are you worth?

Quoted @kitcatlyon

Here is what's happening at Cat's Reading Den #Blog! Press Release: "Congrats To Author, @maxwellivey Who's Been Awarded 4-Stars & Book Review From Readers Favorite." *RT* @AuthorABovaird @stelladamasus via @kitcatlyon

Love this!! Congratulations, Max! #Blog! Press Release: "Congrats to Author Maxwell Ivey #BookReview #ReadersFavorite #Welovememoirs @AimeeEddyGross

@kitcatlyon @KevinBarhydt @AuthorABovaird @DMORGAN0505 Hey Cat; Now, you know that’s my line. “If you don’t ask they can’t say yes !” Actually it’s my dad’s Max Ivey sr, but I consider it mine. I got wisdom in the estate instead of stuff. :)

Quoted @kitcatlyon

*RT* I just love his way of #THINKING! My buddy, @KevinBarhydt has a new #video that everyone needs to watch...Don't miss an opportunity "If You Don't #ASK"... #AskMentor "Cat Lyon's Reading & Writing Den" @maxwellivey @AuthorABovaird @DMORGAN0505

*RT* #Ask #AskMentor @KevinBarhydt #NewVIDEO @maxwellivey #welovememoirs

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