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God First Dreamer / Believer / Achiever

Los Angeles
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Good day! How is everyone doing ?

Good day! How is everyone doing ?

What’s happening here ?

What’s happening here ?

Hey everyone! I hope you're fine. You guys have to watch @AsherMonroe's new music video! No regret! I'm pretty sure you'll love it! 😍🥰💛👏💃

Some people want it to happen , some people wish it to happen , and others make it happen .

Creativity is intelligence having fun !

Instead of always thinking about who has more . Stop and think of how grateful you are of all you DO have and the people that have less than you .

Be a influencer But not influenced

Do you ever wonder what we could have been ? Our love cuts like a knife so paper thin. I wish we had the chance to meet again, #imalwayswatchingoveryou #newsingle #streamonallplatforms #ihearteadio

We try and box ourselves in . Our potential is limitless . The only people that are getting in the way of us accomplishing our dreams is ourself . #Ignoring the #truth , while #defying the #odds. #Hope is #weapon while #faith #secures ! #newsingle #RainorShine

New single called “ Rain or Shine “ out now ! Go Stream ! Tell me what you think . Love my fans ! #iHeartRadio #Pandora #Applemusic #Tidal #Shazam

Quoted @FamousBirthdays

@AsherMonroe Wishing you a special day! Happy Birthday!

Your the best ! Thank you

Your mind is a garden . Your thoughts are a seed . You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds .

Be the master of your own universe . Don’t let other people paint your paradise

“Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer Not a trace, of doubt in my mind I'm in love, and I'm a believer I couldn't leave her if I tried” What movie is this from ?

Don’t take things for granted . We take our loved ones for granted , our jobs , heck even nature and the sun . Wake up everyday with a smile on your face . Be thankful for all the blessings you have in your life .

Watch your thoughts for they become your words . Watch your words for they become your actions .

Just know mistakes are inevitable . The situations that we part take in are there to teach us something . Like a test . Either we pass or fail. But we must learn from the mistakes we fail .

Check out my Cameo profile: Ask me any question . I’ll send a FaceTime reply back . All proceeds will go to charity .

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