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a year ago

@JuiceWorlddd Bro this better be in the album

What would be the best parts to get for a gaming PC thats around $1500

Quoted @teenaami

Did... did she just slide across the dance floor with her head?😭😭😭


That new track list is horrible so @xxxtentacion fans but face fax

What the fuck is happening @XboxSupport

Collect your own team of monsters and battle others! Dowload Monster Legends through this link to add me as a friend and help me progress!

I fucking hate this fucking sound in blackout like it sound need fix to aleast so you know we're they are coming from like no matter there being some one right next to you or someone 2 houses down but it a beta letting you guys know

2 years ago

💰 Dakotaz 30,000 V-Bucks Give Away! ($300 - 3 Winners) 🛡️ Enter here: 💎 Make sure to Like, Retweet, and Follow @dakotaz 🔋 Tag your friends with @'s 💳 Must have Paypal to collect the money. 🥳 Good Luck everyone!

How else is spamming the loading for fortnite

2 years ago

never again 👀

I beat the world record on farthest death @bcctrolling

I beat the world record on farthest death @bcctrolling

That was good

Does x in the video has no tattoos his nose his clock and his tree so is he alive #RIPXXXTENCATION but if this was for a album people have killed there selfs witch makes sense because he shorts change color in the video

I've never hit more 9 damage in my life plz fix

Fortnite fixer hit registration it's really making me mad this guy doesn't even shoot me buddy gets to kill a headshot even and it's below meet below my feet @fortnite

When you have too many shields @dakotaz

When you have too many shields @dakotaz

I wish people will push back in fortnite 50v50 but no i have to be a bitch and sit back my teammates have a iq of 4 i wish i can talk to everyone on four @FortniteGame

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