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@UnionSeminary @DeanKBD Please do NOT have this man speak on the Union Seminary platform. Please listen to Black people who have been harmed, attacked and robbed by him. He is not a trusted activist. He is not a theologian. Do not do this. Please listen to all of us raising concerns.

12 minutes ago

Y'all @UnionSeminary alums better snatch up your seminary before it turns into a prosperity gospel academy

24 minutes ago

Honestly @UnionSeminary asking Shaun King to speak is disrespecting the memory of Dr. Cone.

28 minutes ago

You know it's the last days when the storied @UnionSeminary is asking Shaun King to speak.

I've just learned that @menlochurch has initiated a second investigation of John Ortberg III’s volunteer work, but has *retained John Ortberg, Jr* in position as senior pastor. This plan is a non-starter, a confession of failure, and a disgrace.

Houstonians our destiny is in our hands. This virus is out of control and we must slow it down by acting together. Otherwise it (the virus) will disrupt our lives for the rest of this year. Stay home, MASKUP, social distance, wash hands. st

11 hours ago

Quoted @Shugah

Get him. 😂

I will be watching his sermon for a reprise of Usher's "Confessions" tomorrow 🤣

“The United States is facing an eviction crisis of biblical proportions.”

One of the sad artifacts of this wretched era: out here hoping the president of the United States makes no comments about national hero John Lewis as we pray for him, because God only knows what he’d say. Even if his staff managed to craft a serviceable statement, he has Twitter.

15 hours ago

I realize I should not brag about this but

15 hours ago

I really don't understand all the people going to bars during the virus. I am the biggest bar aficionado and I now could stay in quarantine for 3 months and have a new drink everyday with NO PROBLEM.

15 hours ago

although I think he is wearing it because his followers are dying too, not just the brown and black folks.

15 hours ago

so happy to see dump wearing a mask.. don't have to look at that mug. needs to wear it more often.

15 hours ago

Always happy to see someone I follow tweet something stupid so I can check and unfollow

15 hours ago

My shady lawyer sisters comment- "Oh, he still alive?" #damn #yeasheontwitter #incognito Robert Mueller: Roger Stone remains a convicted felon, and rightly so

A month ago, Corpus Christi, Texas, had hardly any cases of coronavirus and business was booming. Now it is struggling to contain one of the state’s fastest growing outbreaks.

This parade of American videos is making it harder to sustain the old cliché that everyone around the world is the same deep down, wants the same things for their family. There is something very particular in our culture, something very broken.

Quoted @GeoffRBennett

Attorney General Barr discussed clemency for Roger Stone with Trump and recommended against it, an administration official tells NBC News. The official said the Justice Department had nothing to do with Trump’s decision to commute Stone’s sentence.

Anyone who believes this is a fool.

BREAKING: @LouisianaGov imposes mask mandate statewide, indoors & outdoors, when social distancing isn’t possible. Applies to ppl 8 & older. Anyone who doesn’t wear a mask indoors, at a business, will be ‘trespassing’. Churches encouraged to follow mandate. Bars to be closed.

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