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Amesh Adalja



Infectious disease MD (also CCM and EM)working on pandemic policy, emerging infections, preventing bioterror

Pittsburgh, Baltimore, NYC
Joined on December 16, 2010

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In this video podcast interview with @kharimosley  @1Hood  I discuss multiple aspects of #COVID19

In this video podcast interview with @kharimosley @1Hood I discuss multiple aspects of #COVID19

A fun thing about filing a story on a Jan 20th – keeping your Administrations straight! My latest for @NatGeo explores the current state of #COVID19 testing and what needs improving. Feat. @AmeshAA @MaraAspinall @peko23 – and great edits by @vmjaggard99

In this @roznewz piece I'm quoted about #COVID19 vaccines and their ability to decrease transmission in addition to preventing symptomatic infection. I think they will be shown to do this but it may take time for public health guidance to change

In this @mfrellick @medscape piece I'm quoted about the use of ivermectin for #COVID19. I have yet to use it and I agree with the NIH that there's no evidence for its use or against its use. We need better studies

In this @namesjules piece I'm quoted about a small 6 person cluster of allergic reactions to the Moderna #COVID19 vaccine. I think this is manageable and doesn't warrant pausing of an entire lot of the vaccine in the midst of a pandemic

In this @ABC7News interview with @VictoriaSanchez (from the backseat of my car!) I discuss the need to be innovative with accelerating #COVID19 vaccinations. Dentists and even veterinarians should be used if it will get more vaccines into arms

In this @SciFedor piece I'm quoted about the continued need to make #COVID19 testing faster, cheaper, and more accessible. More at home tests are needed

“the Chinese Communist Party has consistently demonstrated that it is far more concerned with maintaining some myth of infallibility than with helping find the source of the is obstructing efforts to prevent other pandemics and endangering all”

In this TV interview with @Ajshaps and @KristinReports I discuss the optimism that many critical actions in the control of #covid19 will be taken soon

“Once a person is a sufficient time and distance away from the second shot, and if they are feeling well, we can start to view them differently.” —⁦⁦@VPrasadMDMPH

In this @caitstulpin piece I’m quoted about the encouraging Biden administration plans to aggressively accelerate #COVID19 vaccinations

In this piece I’m quoted about the US relationship with the WHO and how, in the midst of a pandemic, it’s essential that the US be engaged

Among several executive orders to be signed on his first day in office, @POTUS pledged that the United States would split with the Trump administration and “re-engage” with @WHO. @AmeshAA, @KrutikaKuppalli, @CarlosdelRio7 and @PCH_SF weigh in:

“All of the actions that needed to be taken are more likely to be taken now,” @JHSPH_CHS Senior Scholar @AmeshAA says about the pandemic response. “We’re also going to see much more leadership from the president as well as a belief that science should guide this response.”

At about 12:53 pm eastern I’ll be discussing the latest on #covid19 on @YahooFinance with @Ajshaps and @KristinReports . Watch live here

What is a coronavirus vaccine card, and do you need to keep it? | quotes @AmeshAA

President-elect Biden plans to take immediate steps to re-engage with the World Health Organization after he is inaugurated. Dr. @AmeshAA shares his thoughts on when we’ll start to see the impact of these actions on the #COVID19 pandemic

In this @KorinMiller piece I’m quoted about how opening car windows when riding with people whom you haven’t mixed with or are not vaccinated decreases the risk of #COVID19 transmission

In this @KorinMiller piece I’m quoted about #covid19 vaccine tourism which is not unexpected given the flaws in rollout

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