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If a horse’s date of birth is unknown, taking a look at its teeth could clue you in. Aging a horse this way isn’t 100-percent accurate, but it will give you an approximate age range.

A cattle drive in the Bighorn Mountains sets the stage for big changes in these veterans’ lives.

If you think the West was won on the backs of horses, you’re half right. Mules—the offspring of a jack and mare, and known for their sturdiness and endurance—were a favorite of the scouts, pioneers, and soldiers who settled the frontier.

The most iconic hat in cowboy culture—white or black—is that of Augustus McCrae in Lonesome Dove.

Arizona’s Sierra Bonita Ranch survived Apaches, outlaws, and drought to become one of the largest, most famous spreads in the Southwest. And the original family is working hard to keep it going strong.

More and more, younger generations are leaving the farm and ranch to seek more lucrative prospects in the city. But what are they leaving behind?

We love 'em all. Which BBQ style is your favorite?

"In the event of runaway horses, remain calm. Leaping from the coach in panic will leave you injured, and at the mercy of the elements, hostile Indians, and hungry coyotes."

"It’s about getting up off the ground and trying again and helping your friends to do the best they could do." We are so saddened to learn of the passing of Luke Perry. The star of the beloved movie "8 Seconds" passed away at the age of 52.

"These days, it seems like I spend more time scolding my cowboys for updating their status on Facebook than I do for them letting their dogs pollute the bed of my pickup."

Stick thin, clean-shaven, and with soft features, Erwin Smith hardly cut the weather-beaten figure of the West Texas cowboys he so admired...

Looking to watch cowboy movies featuring cattle drives? From authentic Westerns to cowboy comedies, we rank the five greatest cattle drive movies.

When you first drive out onto Montana’s plains, you’ll get an inkling that something is amiss—that somehow, you’re doing it wrong. It will take a moment, but then you’ll realize: This is a landscape that begs to be experienced from horseback...

Whether calving, branding, or just out for a morning ride, there’s nothing like a warm breakfast to fuel you up for an early morning.

Jesse Smith taught a new generation of cowboy craftsmen.

The best of the worst Western outlaws.

On the Spanish Ranch, spring brandings are still done the old-school way.

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