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Former Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (NSA)

Washington, DC
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I'm happy to see the US has outright rejected all of China's territorial claims in the South China Sea. This is not a Chinese province & will not be. It's time to move beyond freedom of navigation exercises to oppose China’s coercive behavior in the region

China's 'sanctions' against US lawmakers are laughable. China committed genocide against the Uighurs & deserves punishment, especially in light of the harsh new national security laws targeting Hong Kong & failure of exec action

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#ICYMI The full @FiringLineShow episode with Trump's former NSA, @AmbJohnBolton, is now available streaming. He discusses his new book about the White House, his ex-boss's “bromance” with authoritarian leaders and his silence during impeachment.

“The presidency and national security policy are worlds apart from the business experience that he had.” See more of my interview with @MargaretHoover on @FiringLineShow

Earlier today, I recorded a podcast with @AmbJohnBolton. Bracing, refreshing.

With isolationist tendencies stronger than at any time since the 1930s, we can no longer afford to ignore Chinese mercantilism. It poses a test of Western resolve to stop the weaponization of telecommunications, computing & AI. See my op-ed in the @WSJ

China’s suppression of Hong Kong, violating the 1984 handover agreement, its genocidal campaign against the Uighurs, & the unilateral annexation of much of the South China Sea - This is how China behaves now. See my op-ed in the @WSJ

.@AmbJohnBolton: Lt. Col. Vindman's retirement from the military after more than 21 years is 'a loss for the country' @MSNBC

China’s economic robbery is only part of a larger military & intelligence strategy. Beijing’s ruthlessness is part of a broader struggle it has long been waging while the West, in typical form, wasn’t paying attention. See my op-ed in the @WSJ

Over the past four decades, China’s persistent efforts to steal intellectual property and require forced transfers of foreign technology constitute the foundation for much of its economic success. See my op-ed in the @WSJ

America’s request that Canada extradite Huawei's CFO to face criminal charges personifies the escalating economic conflict between China & the world’s industrial democracies. See my op-ed in the @WSJ

New criticism from the UN characterizing the strike on Soleimani as 'unlawful' is baseless. This is why exactly why we withdrew from @UNHumanRights. We don't answer to a higher power in the UN nor do we need advice on how to implement the US Constitution

After encouraging concentration camps for Uighur Muslims & ignoring human rights issues in China, it will be eye opening to see if Trump responds strongly, or just rhetorically to China's new national security law that targets Hong Kong & assaults human freedom.

China's harsh & sweeping new national security law includes violations for separatism, subversion of state power, & collusion with foreign entities. It's not only a serious violation of the Hong Kong transfer agreement, it's an assault on human freedom

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45% of voters believe @AmbJohnBolton's book to be credible, 10 points higher than the share who said the same of @Omarosa’s insider tell-all and 4 points higher than the share who considered @realBobWoodward’s book credible.

45% of voters believe @AmbJohnBolton's book to be credible, 10 points higher than the share who said the same of @Omarosa’s insider tell-all and 4 points higher than the share who considered @realBobWoodward’s book credible.

Glad to see a national poll showing those who find my book credible far outnumber those who do not. I wrote this book largely for history and to share my experience.

.@AmbJohnBolton tells @margbrennan “It would be a very interesting statistic,” if one were to “clock the amount of time” that @realDonaldTrump spends in the Oval Office and in his private dining room, where Bolton says Trump watches cable news

“One day the president will learn a little history and he'd be better off for it." If you missed my appearance on @FacetheNation, you can read the full transcript here:

.@AmbJohnBolton "stands by" his "Libya Model" comments made on @facethenation back in 2018: "You know, I don't think I could be clearer in talking about the Libya model of 2003-2004" Adds of Trump: “One day the president will learn a little history and we’ll be better for it”

Quoted @CBSNews

John Bolton says President Trump’s belief that he can easily negotiate with other world leaders is “naive and foolish.” Hear more on @TakeoutPodcast with @MajorCBS

@AmbJohnBolton to @MajorCBS: "[Trump] believed...he can make deals on major issues in a days’ worth of negotiations...That's the way he does things. Big picture, big guy talking to the big guy. I think this is naive and foolish frankly." Out Friday!

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#ICYMI: Happen to miss The @LarryOConnor Show? Click the link for a full recap of today's program featuring interviews with @AmbJohnBolton, @SecBrouillette & @MBCompanyMan.

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