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I'm an empath,a noble soul,an indigo, a healer, an awaken soul, one with the world, an artist. I'm me!

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Let me get this straight...I’m a “loser & sucker” for serving in the military AND I paid more taxes than him? I gotta re-evaluate my life choices.

So an incumbent President owes more than 400 million dollars in fees, has not paid taxes in a decade, and records show he essentially paid his own daughter consulting fees? But undocumented taxpayers are cheating and grifting the country? Did I get that right? @ProjectLincoln

A Potemkin President.

@DanRather Po·tem·kin having a false or deceptive appearance, especially one presented for the purpose of propaganda. Please retweet and follow us. We need 1,000 more followers to reach our goal in promoting DEMOCRACY. Thank you so much.

#BREAKING @realDonaldTrump campaign now saying, "“Brad Parscale is a member of our family and we all love him. We are ready to support him and his family in any way possible.” @ABC @CNN

@RossPalombo @Acosta @realDonaldTrump @ABC @CNN Meaning, "He knows where all of the bodies are buried" so we hope he doesn't go completely off of the deep end and spill the beans.

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Shocker !! The Great Fred Loves The Great @ASvechnikov_37 !

Shocker !! The Great Fred Loves The Great @ASvechnikov_37 !

Love this kiddo!

It is time to boycott the @ufc , racism must never be tolerated nor glorified and be outspoken against it, @ufc and specifically @danawhite have stay silent in approval, It is not political it is basic human decency. #boycottufc #blacklivesmatter

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the peaceful transfer I'm really looking forward to is the one where Trump goes from courthouse to prison

I earned my bachelor’s degree with honors from Stanford University and my MD degree from the Duke University School of Medicine. I was awarded the HHMI fellowship for research in stem cells and microsurgery. Yet MedTwitter doctors tell me I am unqualified to tweet about medicine.

Donald Trump’s health care “plan” has less meat than a vegan thanksgiving.

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Lindsey Graham: I’m getting overwhelmed... help me, they’re killing me moneywise. Help me

He looks like he’s about to cry. Wow.

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