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Ok @taylorswift13 was not playing when she said if a man talks shit then I owe him nothing The women in entertainment will be sitting at the head of the table from now on. Take your f*cking seats. Wow we really are about to start demanding what we’re owed in every creative field

June 6th is my opening with @ImitateModern in London!

June 6th is my opening with @ImitateModern in London!

Biggest thing to learn: what people think doesn’t matter in any shape or form. People will think you’re amazing and people will think you’re shit. People will think you’re a saint and others will think you’re the devil. What they think means absolutely nothing good or bad.

Aging really is awesome. You get less dumb every year. Think about how dumb you we’re at 16. Oh my god I was an idiot. Can’t wait for 10 years from now when I realize how dumb I was right now.

Babies eating lemons for the first time is the most pure thing on this planet. It brings me so much joy.

Just ate an egg salad Sandwich... weird Ps. This is now my first and only tweet on my account.

Women empowerment is speaking up for other women even when it's something uncomfortable to speak up about.

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