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Emmy-nominated Co-host of Good Day Philly! I'm #FallingforPhilly Follow&Tweet me and u might end up on TV :)

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@AlexHolleyFOX29 Alex my wife says black under whites wont show

That’s what I thought!

Quoted @Jerzytizzlb4r

@AlexHolleyFOX29 Ask her how does the app know you have been diagnosed with covid?

You have to voluntarily put it in.

Quoted @JohnSam101970

I’m sure some close-minded folks will complain about Mike & Alex and their questions and/or demeanor. I think @MikeFOX29 & @AlexHolleyFOX29 did a great job. Thank you for being good #journalists. 👍🏽

Thank you for this. We’re doing the best we can to cover as much as we can in the time allotted.

Quoted @eberryiii

@AlexHolleyFOX29 why is no one asking about the grand jury for breonna and how they came up with the decision? How come no one is asking about the laws that allowed the decision to be made by the grand jury?

We literally just did. I will post the segment link soon

Quoted @HorielPaul

@FOX29philly not one of you mentioned the cop was shot first @MikeFOX29 @AlexHolleyFOX29 they did knock that what the neighbor witnessed.

I literally said that first thing in the interview.

Quoted @AP_Planner

100 days away: New Year's Day (1 Jan)

Some good news today:

Quoted @bettyb00p00

Such a wonderful segment on Black women & their hair this morning on #GoodDayPhiladelphia Thank you @AlexHolleyFOX29, Lauren & the other two beautiful ladies 🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎

So glad you enjoyed. Thanks to the CROWN ACT hopefully more discussions like this will happen

We’ve talked with police, members of city council, community leaders and families of victims about this gun violence issue. Today we talked with Kenyon Meeks, who works in schools, to provide insight on WHY this keeps happening. WATCH:

YOUTH AND VIOLENCE. According to Philly Police: Philly has had 131 gunshot victims under the age of 18 so far this year. AND 20 homicides victims under age 18. These numbers all happening...So. Far. This. Year.

Quoted @PrestonSteve933

Lights, camera, laughter. We'll be live on @FOX29philly this morning around 7:55am.

Lights, camera, laughter. We'll be live on @FOX29philly this morning around 7:55am.

Can’t wait!! Always fun times with you guys 😁

Quoted @WillJam29

Good morning @AlexHolleyFOX29 and @MikeFOX29! Mike I hope your well rested! 😏 #goodday


Sometimes a new season hits you right in the face. 🍁🤦🏽‍♀️ Happy official FALL, y’all!

Yes we have definitely played it!!

Quoted @IAmStatMatt

I've never seen a season end by the minute before. 2020 has us hanging on to the good vibes til the very end.

The fall/winter/summer equinox always has a time tho!

We’re saying BYE to summer this morning!! Fall officially starts at 9:30AM!

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@AlexHolleyFOX29 I’m getting Carole Baskin vibes! In a good way lol

Lol oh goodness!

Quoted @LesleyH26071190

@AlexHolleyFOX29 lovin this fashion look🐅on you 👍 #fabcasual

Thaaanks 🐯

Oh MONDAYS!! 🤣 Thanks for starting your week with us... Let’s do it again tomorrow on @FOX29philly

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