US 💭Text Trump to 88022💭

US 💭Text Trump to 88022💭



MAGA #TRUMP2020 🏚Drafter🏡Married to a Civil Engineer, Sunni w/Christian upbringing, Love NonRadical Jewish 🚫DEM🚫PORNO WebSite

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Your Highness Messieurs 🇱🇧,Christian&Muslim,Breathes its last at Hezbollah's Hands 🙏Make U.N S.C.RESOLUTION 1559 Happen SOS🙏 @KingSalman @realDonaldTrump @EmmanuelMacron @netanyahu @DRSAMIRGEAGEA @walidjoumblattt @may_chidiac @SethridaGeagea @samygemayel @nadimgemayel

An open letter from political prisoner Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee: Life does not exist in #Qarchak Prison. "Here U can see D depth of catastrophe created by those who hold positions of power…This is a full reflection of our society under authoritarian rule."

RT if you believe ALL Senate Republicans must HOLD THE LINE and CONFIRM Amy Coney Barrett!

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September 22 - Explosion at an arms depot of the #Iran-backed Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, according to Reuters citing a security source. #FreeIran2020 #IranRegimeChange #DisbandIRGC #بیروت #حزب_الله_الارهابي


#Iran’ian American Communities in US, rally in front of @WhiteHouse, today, Sept 22, 2020, to support US’s call on UN to #SnapBack all sanctions on dictators ruling Iran. EU must follow. Today @realDonaldTrump is addressing #UNGA. @iac_virginia @VP

Who’s the worst?

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Holyyyy Cow!!! This public service announcement montage will BLOW YOUR MIND. WHAT is going on?????

@GovSisolak @SteveSisolak Interesting Video of States reading the Same Soros Memo! Surprising Soros Puppet Sisolak Isn't on it as Well!

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Up now, @michaeljohns discussing SCOTUS and how conservatism needs to move forward.

There is zero basis for any confusion on the next steps with #SCOTUS. Under Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, @realDonaldTrump has a clear Constitutional obligation to nominate a replacement that the U.S. Senate must consider, I told @freedomfirstnet last night:

..✿♪ ٰ⠀ ' ٰ⠀ الــسعادة مُـعدية ، فــ خــالط الــسُعداء .. ٰ⠀

Republicans: -Will keep your neighborhoods safe -Let you defend your home -Lower taxes Democrats: -Won't hold rioters accountable -Want to take your guns -Can't wait to raise your taxes.

Holyyyy Cow!!! This public service announcement montage will BLOW YOUR MIND. WHAT is going on?????

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German account launched @de_Khamenei

Don’t believe him He’s a Devilish person I wish I can write Dutch but I don’t Here’s some Khamenei=😈 Khamenei=🤥 Khamenei=Terrorisme Khamenei=Niet goed Khamenei=agar in de Bye Bye Right, jamenei I’ll follow you to the🌛wallah,until poof @khamenei_ir #Trump2020LandslideVictory

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