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“Grubhub seems to have just jumped the rails,” Segerblom says of the way the $6 billion food delivery company has responded to the ordinance.

I really enjoyed my recent interview with @davidchang , in which he predicts who will defeat him for an Emmy, jokes that he never really planned to write his book (out now), and speculates about the future of the restaurant biz. I hope you like it.

Finally an Internet challenge I can support. No cold water. No eating detergent. Just cooking tips from great chefs, and raising money for kids. I'm in.

.@AngelsRadioKLAA Saturday at 10am PT we'll have more #FoodFun with @katellagrill on the @wastenotoc initiative. @davidkinch @ManresaCA on his new documentary, @thehoxton @AlManciniVegas and @ChefGruel returns for another slice of #pizza on #AskTheChef

Cool, there’s a horse named Mr. Big News. I wish I could pull off a name like that. Good for you horse!

.@AngelsRadioKLAA Next Saturday 10am PT with more #FoodFun from.... @katellagrill @wastenotoc @davidkinch @ManresaCA @thehoxton @AlManciniVegas @reviewjournal + a look at Kriselle Cellars and @ChefGruel returns for another tasty #AskTheChef #HappyLaborDayWeekend

I was really starting to get used to writing about more openings than closings, and now this. This sucks on a lot of levels — none more than for those whose jobs are affected. I wish I had positive news to report for them, but as of now this is all I know.

The fact that @ParadiseCityCr #IceCream is #Vegan is probably the least interesting thing about it -- at least for me. But it's the thing that will allow a lot more people to discover all the others. Well, that and this @reviewjournal story.

OMG! I'm on @AppleMusic Country with #PROUDRADIO! @KaceyMusgraves sounded so good kicking it off. Now, we got @cmrnhwthrn and @jaimewyattmusic heating up your Saturday night!

Quoted @reviewjournal

The Mauros are now withstanding criticism after @GovSisolak and his dining party were spotted at Monzu on Saturday night

From the Mauros, facing backlash -- and receiving a lot of support -- after the governor's visit Saturday. "We didn’t anticipate such a harsh reaction towards us simply for hosting him.”

You know the space. I certainly hope you know Leticia Mitchell. If you do, I’m guessing you will agree that this is a pretty awesome match.

Major coup for Water Street as a whole and for Rainbow Club in particular. Scott Pajak is a rock star and I assume I’m not the only one excited to see what he has up his sleeve.

I hope when I die, someone misses me enough to name a sandwich after me, even for one day. (Kind of gives new meaning to David Bowie’s dream that we can be heroes, just for one day.) @ikessandwiches

As promised, some details on that Zoom call I sat in on yesterday.

It’s nice to report some good news every once in a while.

Sure, there is no "R" in "August." But it's practically September. (And I'll gladly eat these suckers year-round, as long as they're sourced properly!) @southpointlv

I asked Sue, “What one restaurant in the world would make me the most excited, if they added a burger to their menu?” – and it took her less than five seconds to answer @chefjoseandres @bazaarmeat @SAHARALasVegas

Nine years ago today.
Thank you. 🖤

Nine years ago today. Thank you. 🖤

We just added video of Marc Marrone, Elizabeth Blau and Jeffrey Weiss discussing Jeff and Paras Shah's weekend Op/Ed. It runs about 10 minutes, and it’s a type of discussion I’d like to do more of. Curious your thoughts.

Here is the full story, updated to reflect Clark County’s decision today, for those who want more details. This was the final piece of the puzzle for Clark County. All justifications are now allowing at least some machines away from the bars.

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