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Joined on June 04, 2013

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49. in country Germany and category Auto

Too fast for long goodbyes. Arrivederci, baby. #ZeroFollowers #Abarth500_DE #HomeStretch

You can’t follow the @Abarth500_DE. But you can like Abarth Germany on facebook #zerofollowers

You guys really put the pedal to the metal. Could this be the homestretch? #zerofollowers

Hey Field Agents! Why don't you try following this for a change? #ZeroFollowers #Abarh500_DE

♫♪ ♫ I, I follow, I follow you...NOT. ♫ #ZeroFollowers #Abarth500_DE

Nobody remembers who finished second. But the guy who finished second. #ZeroFollowers #Abarth500_DE

So viel Speed ist #Neuland für Twitter. #ZeroFollowers #Abarth500_DE

You think we have followers? Maybe the Abarth 500 is too fast for Twitter? Check our follower list: @Abarth500_DE #ZeroFollowers

Abarth's favorite movie? Catch me if you can. @Abarth500_DE #ZeroFollowers

Is the Abarth 500 still too fast to follow? Gentlemen, please start your engines. #zerofollowers #Abarth500_DE

White rabbits are overrated. Try to follow the @abarth500_de instead. #zerofollowers

Terima kasih, Indonesia! #ZeroFollowers @Abarth500_DE

There is one disadvantage to being too fast to follow... Wait, no, there isn't. #ZeroFollowers

È già in giro in 135 paesi. Seguri la sua prossima corsa. #zerofollowers #Abarth500_DE

Chuck Norris just tried to follow. #zerofollowers #Abarth500_DE

To the fake twitter account copycats: many have tried to copy the Abarth 500. But there is only one that’s too fast to follow #zerofollowers

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