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Immigrants are lions born and raised in the wild, if you are borned and raised inside the Zoo, You are no longer a true lion.

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Quoted @ananavarro

Fixed it for you, Marco.

Fixed it for you, Marco.

Backstabbing Marco Rubio!

Quoted @CREWcrew

Before becoming AG, Bill Barr represented Caterpillar, a Fortune 100 company, in a criminal investigation by DOJ. A week after Barr’s nomination for the job, the investigative team probing Caterpillar was told to take “no further action” in the case.

And we call ourselves the shining excepcional uncorrupted country?

Quoted @JillWineBanks

No one has putdown Trump, Fox, Geraldo as well as the wonderful @BWilliams

The Trump nightmare, when will it end?

Quoted @kingsrush

Lou Dobbs is a fascist piece of shit.


Quoted @kingsrush

Dear @JoeBiden, Latinos delivered Arizona to you. We are a major reason you’re on your way to the White House. I don't want to say you owe us... But yeah, you owe us. We want IMMIGRATION REFORM NOW! Pass the #DREAMAct #AbolishICE & #ReformThePolice!

Dreamers are Americans too!

Quoted @pavignettes

The Trump legal team’s failed Four Seasons press conference, explained via @voxdotcom

Who ever book this place, must have been looking at the p*** store across the street...

Quoted @AdamParkhomenko

Breaking: CNN calls Wisconsin for Biden

Thank you Wisconsin!

Quoted @Tu_IMSS

¡El alcohol gel! 🧴 ¡La sana distancia! ↔️ ¡El cubrebocas! 😷 ¡El lavado de manos! 💦🤝🧼 ¡LOTERÍA! #SanoRetorno #NuevaNormalidad

¡El alcohol gel! 🧴
¡La sana distancia! ↔️
¡El cubrebocas! 😷
¡El lavado de manos! 💦🤝🧼


#SanoRetorno #NuevaNormalidad

Por ley!

Quoted @AdamParkhomenko

What a fucking loser

She wants to be famous!

Quoted @MeidasTouch

📺 NEW VIDEO As an agent of Trump, Cornyn has become an agent of chaos. #CornynChaos

Enjoy it TEXAS...

Quoted @kingsrush

A message to #LatinosForTrump. He doesn’t care about you. #Pendejos

Pendejos for Trump

Quoted @HowardA_Esq

Three hours in line to vote so far, and still worth it!

Less than a minute, Chicago Illinois

Bon Jovi campaigns for Biden in Pennsylvania, Do you care for any oneone standing next to You? us Democrats do!

Quoted @joncoopertweets

Three cheers for the mute button!!! 🤫👏👏👏

I was doing my own mute on Trump Biden first debate!

Quoted @kirkacevedo

IF U VOTE IN THE NEXT 15 DAYS, JOE BIDEN WILL BE PRESIDENT! PASS IT ON! #Vote  #VoteEarly  #VoteBidenHarris #MondayMotivation #MondayMorning #KidVicious💪🏽😁👊🏽


We wrapped up our special @CNNSitRoom tonight honoring two wonderful men who passed away from the coronavirus. May They Rest In Peace and May Their Memories Be A Blessing.

Are you voting for @JoeBiden this election? If Yes, Can we get 100k Retweets before November 3rd?

Quoted @AVignettes

@madrid_mike Cornyn has been a Republican rubber stamp from day one

Republicans call Cornyn a reliable useful idiot

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