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A big wedding in the Sicilian town of Corleone, made famous by the fictional Mafia clan in “The Godfather,” has been linked to a coronavirus outbreak that prompted officials to order a limited lockdown and the closure of schools. https://t.co/ChzoN264D7

PHOTO GALLERY: Italy's wine industry and its workers are cultivating new grape harvesting habits as the pandemic produces changes in drinking behavior and safety procedures. https://t.co/VrIno0MXiS

Scientists are launching a new Mayflower, 400 years after the ship that left Plymouth, England, for America. This one sails by itself to collect data that researchers need. https://t.co/bypBB27ydL

UK hospitals say a lack of testing leaves them short of staff as Britain prepares for second wave of COVID-19. Others in the country struggle even to get tested. https://t.co/3xBXMEb5pW

The National Hurricane Center says Sally has strengthened to a hurricane, and is headed toward the Gulf Coast with landfall expected Tuesday morning. https://t.co/EGz9NLat5I

Scientists say an enormous chunk of Greenland’s ice cap, estimated to be about 110 square kilometers (42.3 square miles), has broken off in the far northeastern Arctic. They see it as evidence of rapid climate change. https://t.co/5nON5V88m0

BREAKING: India passes Brazil to become the second worst-hit country by the pandemic with more than 4.2 million people infected.

A powerful typhoon damaged buildings, flooded roads and knocked out power to thousands of homes in South Korea after battering southern Japanese islands. https://t.co/kKC8O9VYZ9

More than 200 people have been airlifted to safety by helicopter after being trapped by a fast-moving wildfire that swept through a popular camping area in California’s Sierra National Forest. https://t.co/xhjDuvahNe

Europeans wonder whether the lean summer tourism season of 2020 will bleed into an even leaner fall as infections rise. https://t.co/rqIrnNkYiZ

President Vladimir Putin's spokesman brushed off allegations that the Kremlin was involved in poisoning the Russian leader's biggest critic, accusing Germany of not providing Moscow with any evidence about the condition of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny. https://t.co/VJ68fkyr15

Thousands of passengers were trapped overnight on high-speed TGV trains halted by electrical problems in southwestern France. Frustrated passengers complained of shortages of water, food and fresh air and the challenge of staying masked for up to 20 hours. https://t.co/4nfiykVtBb

BREAKING: The first commercial passenger flight from Israel to the United Arab Emirates lands in the Emirati capital of Abu Dhabi. https://t.co/Rw2OXDwc4i

Delayed but alive, the Tour de France set off from Nice on Saturday in an extraordinarily subdued atmosphere. Since its inception in 1903, the race has only been canceled during the two world wars. https://t.co/3b0JtIwWXb

The African continent is being declared free of the wild poliovirus, though cases of vaccine-derived polio are still sparking outbreaks of the paralyzing disease in more than a dozen countries. https://t.co/n1RZVwukAl

A polar bear killed a man at a camping site in Norway's Svalbard Islands in the Arctic before onlookers shot the animal. It was the first fatal polar bear mauling in the remote region since 2011. https://t.co/EukeQ29aGL

Italy sees 7th straight day of increasing daily coronavirus infections, mostly driven by returning vacationers. Testing centers have been set up in major airports and ports. https://t.co/lHuKSQ9JnV

The Mediterranean island of Malta missed the worst of the initial COVID-19 outbreak and had almost eliminated the virus by July, but the total number of recorded cases has more than doubled in the past six weeks. https://t.co/GGnzD2rbX4

London's Heathrow Airport unveiled a new coronavirus testing facility it says could potentially halve the 14-day quarantine that travelers face when arriving to Britain from more than 100 countries. But the U.K. government isn't buying into it just yet. https://t.co/nnhFpduvtq

On the sweeping plains at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, a group of female wildlife rangers is making history by defying patriarchal norms that have been passed down for centuries, patrolling against poachers instead of doing household chores. https://t.co/QGptqNcSPW

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