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Syrian and Lebanese families hope that newly imposed U.S. sanctions will force Damascus to reveal news about their loved ones who disappeared into government prisons during the country's civil war and during the years Syria dominated Lebanon. By @bmroue. https://t.co/SYO8xoyCnS

A Sikh pilgrimage to a shrine in Pakistan ends in tragedy as a passenger train crashes into a bus with the pilgrims at an unmanned railway crossing in eastern Punjab province, killing 20 people, including seven women. https://t.co/63SH158qMS

A spark of hope in Sudan: The country's transitional government is preparing to outlaw female genital mutilation. Activists and survivors are praising the move but say it will be a long fight to finally end the deeply entrenched practice. https://t.co/TX4zgiOuUJ

"I can assume it won't happen today": Israeli foreign minister casts further doubts on whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will follow through on his plan to start annexing parts of the occupied West Bank. By @aronhellerap. https://t.co/3KpGyuiIFK

Come visit, bring cash: Lebanon’s government hopes that thousands of expats will return for the summer, injecting dollars into the country's sinking economy. But as anger mounts over multiple crises, few seem willing to offer such support.  By @zkaram. https://t.co/5Aksm3Js4b

Why annexation and why now? @AP explains why Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears determined to carry out his pledge to begin annexing parts of the occupied West Bank, possibly as soon as this week. By @joseffederman. https://t.co/b1IrtfnK9S

“I don’t have anything to give him": A 51-year-old Yemeni fisherman looks at his 7-month-old baby boy, with wafer-thin skin and emaciated limbs. The infant's fate mirrors that of countless other malnourished children in the war-torn country. https://t.co/MKwWJuhjvg

Coerced confessions: Report says Iranian state television broadcast suspected forced confessions of hundreds of people in the last decade to suppress dissent and frighten activists in the Islamic Republic on behalf of security services. By @jongambrellap. https://t.co/rnvIPlszHu

“A deadly word”: The term apartheid is becoming part of Israel's political conversation as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's annexation plans for the West Bank draw comparisons to South Africa’s 20th century white-minority regime. By @joseffederman. https://t.co/EmqimPYppT

Muslims around the world hoping for a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Mecca to perform the hajj will have to wait until next year, after Saudi Arabia drastically curtailed the pilgrimage due to the coronavirus pandemic. By @ayaelb. https://t.co/4efbY3JkK8

Fighting for survival: One of the Arab world’s oldest universities endured civil war, kidnappings and various turmoils. Now, the American University in Beirut is facing a pandemic and Lebanon's economic crisis, both at the same time. By @zkaram. https://t.co/UxzDbiPJRA

Egypt's foreign minister tells the AP that Egypt wants the U.N. to prevent Ethiopia from starting to fill its massive, newly built hydroelectric dam on the Blue Nile River after talks over water resources broke down. By @LKeath and @sammymagdy. https://t.co/AgwQKdmIAr

"People are still not taking it seriously": Many Pakistanis dismiss the danger of the pandemic and appeals to wear face masks even as virus cases surge and authorities insist they have to lift restrictions to prevent an economic collapse. By @kathygannon. https://t.co/h068vtMi2I

Israel's plans to annex the Jordan Valley have sparked an international outcry. But Palestinians living in the occupied territory say annexation will only accelerate the process of displacement that has been underway for decades. By @josephkrauss https://t.co/sBix3EyDM1

Scenes across the Middle East, Afghanistan & Pakistan, where long-simmering issues boiled over into protests against inequality and corruption — all this, while the coronavirus threatens to make a comeback with a new surge in reported cases. https://t.co/xuFmBtASal

Beaten and choked: An Arab Israeli diplomat says he filed a complaint over security guards at Jerusalem’s central bus station who beat him last week, to bring attention to what he described as racist behavior in parts of Israeli society. By @joseffederman. https://t.co/z4faZYkdOO

"We still have a heavy fight": Iran has been the Mideast's hot spot for the pandemic but is only now seeing its highest single-day spikes in reported cases. Health experts worry a growing complacency among Iranians may further allow the virus to spread. https://t.co/Y0U9QZ0LuW

Pandemic upends high hopes for 2020: Saudi Arabia had only just begun to open its doors to tourists, when the coronavirus dashed the crown prince's road map of reforms. Now, even the hajj pilgrimage could be cancelled or pared down. By @ayaelb. https://t.co/td6hX2khMq

Friends bearing gifts: Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu is turning to a wealthy Michigan-based magnate to help pay for his multimillion-dollar defense in a corruption case that sheds light on the intersection of money and Israeli politics. By @tgoldenberg. https://t.co/LNa1ncGWO7

'This is madness': Lebanon’s government says it will inject fresh dollars to prop up the national currency after overnight protests spurred by the pound's dramatic drop. But ordinary Lebanese say it's another empty promise. By @seldeeb. https://t.co/KUZcepjorI

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