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TONIGHT on #SmackDown: 🥂 @WWESheamus raises a glass to @JEFFHARDYBRAND 🤙 @SuperKingofBros sits with @MichaelCole for 𝘽𝙧𝙤-down 🏆 @AJStylesOrg defends his #ICTitle against @DrewGulak ... and MORE! https://t.co/tg2qiBrrd1

Some pre-4th of July fireworks courtesy of your #ICTitle Champion. Time to shut up, Gulak. #Phenomenal4th #Smackdown https://t.co/avgU2He6zJ

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With the @WWEUniverse still buzzing over @WWENetwork's #TheLastRide, #SmackDown will feature a special “Tribute To The Undertaker” tomorrow night. #ThankYouTaker @undertaker https://t.co/Q5TqsGoCph

...@undertaker AND @AJStylesOrg... #BoneyardMatch #Smackdown https://t.co/LN2vJiIPMC

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The lure of a WrestleMania dream match with @AJStylesOrg brings @undertaker back for perhaps his last ride at The Showcase of the Immortals. THE FINAL CHAPTER of #TheLastRide is available now on @WWENetwork! https://t.co/Q9h0VDxT8P

Still floored by the experience and reaction to the #BoneyardMatch at #WrestleMania. If it was the last time @undertaker laced up his boots, I’m honored it was against me. #TheLastRide https://t.co/qzofoKEn2Q

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No streams from the phenomenal one @AJStylesOrg this week! i hope he is fine 😥

On vacation buddy https://t.co/lM8SEKebDF

Ok, hit me up when I’m in your area. https://t.co/rU3QAaPS4p


#SmackDown #ICTitle @AJStylesOrg https://t.co/e8QYC3Yryg

I know what this title means. I know what I have to do. What a match with @WWEDanielBryan, now it’s about making this title #phenomenal. I’m watching...and waiting. #Smackdown #WWEBacklash https://t.co/cANXaBDq4n

This is a match you’re not going to want to miss. I promise you. #Smackdown https://t.co/G0WHfONIta

Who’s the champ? We shall see! https://t.co/jftv2GHE6E going live now! https://t.co/a3SpPC1Kx9

a month ago

.@WWE's very own @AJStylesOrg has a special message for YOU. 🗣 Don't miss the #BlueEmu500 from @MartinsvilleSwy tomorrow night at 7 PM ET on FS1! https://t.co/a9DymrBCIe

Corsair one i165 is phenomenal!!https://t.co/IIzHbrfND4 use promo code STYLESCLASH for 10% select merch. https://t.co/JTio5maTYk

Corsair one i165 is phenomenal!!https://t.co/IIzHbrfND4 use promo code STYLESCLASH for 10% select merch. https://t.co/JTio5maTYk

a month ago

The #ICTitle is within reach. What will happen when @WWEDanielBryan comes face-to-face with @AJStylesOrg TONIGHT on #SmackDown? https://t.co/qxRH0fDgLG

What are in these boxes? Well, before there was YouTube there was tape trading. Let’s talk about on https://t.co/Kyq8ewo7Eu at 10pm https://t.co/tWrcUcqe0Q

Back to #Smackdown. Not looking back. The Phenomenal One is moving one step closer to the #ICTitle... https://t.co/xsDuQnKCB2


Anytime @AJStylesOrg boasts about a company, I believe it. Cause if said products didn’t work (aka gaming systems), I’m pretty sure he’d rage and throw them out the window. 😂

😏 https://t.co/3bE3TX9ux4

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