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History PhD Candidate @UArkansas studying race, slavery, & fugitivity in the early Atlantic World. She/Her Acct co-host for @H_Slavery_HNet Views my own.

Joined on October 05, 2016

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Registration is now open for our 2020 Grad Student Luncheon, Zoom edition! Learn more and register here: All grad students who are active members of @TheSouthernSHA are welcome! Please submit your registration by 11/13 to ensure your spot. 1/7

Only a few days left before the deadline to apply to serve as a graduate student representative @SHAGradCouncil! We may be a bit partial, but it's pretty great! Click the link for more info & how to apply.

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One of the greatest Americans in history has passed away. Rest In Peace, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

One of the greatest Americans in history has passed away. Rest In Peace, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

Honor her. Honor her legacy. Vote.

Learn more about the council and how to apply here: We look forward to hearing from you!

The first few weeks of any semester are often extremely chaotic, let alone the beginning of a semester in the midst of a global pandemic! Consequently we've decided to push the application deadline for the @SHAGradCouncil to October 1st, 2020!

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I hate when people ask me “how do you feel your presentation went?” Excuse me I blacked out & astral projected the entire time, you tell me

Lol. Too true!

A #ScholarStrike thread in anticipation of tomorrow and Wednesday's action. #ScholarStrike is, first and foremost a disruption of the everyday routine in academe, an action by folx in higher ed who refuse to abide the racial injustice destroying our society. (1/x)

There's a lot of bad energy on Twitter and this is a shitty time for all. To counter this, I'm starting a new thing where I read a recently published article by a historian every week and tweet about it. Hoping to broaden my intellectual horizons and promote good work this way.

so grad school pro-tip. In the first week of classes sit down with each syllabus and download all the articles, organize them by folder with the corresponding section title, and put the citations in to your citation manager. It's a lot of work, but your future self will thank you

I’d like to start a Native American History writing group. We could meet every other week to review/respond/workshop a paper, chapter, article, etc. We could open a Slack channel and meet virtually over zoom for 30 minute sessions. Are you interested?

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In case you are interested, here is a thread of my @NewBooksAfroAm podcast episodes starting with.....

Wanna know about some of the best works in #BlackStudies and #AfricanAmericanHistory over the past few year? Check out my @NewBooksAfroAm archival thread! #Blktwitterstorians #VastEarlyAmerica

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MAJOR DISCOVERY: I was shocked when I found this document in the archives about sex & intimacy between men in the 1840s. I’m thrilled @NewYorker published to show we were here b4 the medical invention of homosexuality. We created worlds & I found one!

Me: Four years into my Ph.D program, have a dissertation topic, drafting out multiple chapters, happy with research subject. Jim Downs: Want to hear about 19th Century gay marriages on a prison ship? Me: *Throws dissertation topic out the window*

Does anyone have any advice for the "paralyzed by fear" part of the researching/writing process, especially in the summer when there aren't as many hard deadlines with classes? Feels like it takes me hours or even days to build myself up enough to get started.

#BlackatUark is when you get reported to your chair for focusing on Black people in your... Wait for it... INTRO TO AFRICAN AND AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES COURSE

#BlackatUark is when students will call my TA professor and call me Miss

#BlackatUark is when students take your African and African American Studies courses and get upset because they are supposed to be easy A's

Read #BlackatUark, follow @BlackUark, and check out

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I’m in downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas at the protest. Huge crowd.

I’m in downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas at the protest. Huge crowd.

👇👇👇 excellent thread narrating events at Fayetteville protest tonight

#Teaching in an Uprising: #Readings on #Race and #Democracy -- @trishkahle @BlkPerspectives @AAIHS

Another fantastic set of resources for #teaching from @AAIHS. Syllabi across academia need to keep up for Fall.

As a historian, I fear for what's coming. As a citizen, I'm OUTRAGED at what's here. As an American, I KNOW that we have rights. As a human being, I want JUSTICE.

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