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ALL of Florida’s K-12 schools are now required to reopen in August. Pro-life people, you better start working on your slogans & signs, because Florida is trying to abort children after they’re born.

@joncoopertweets @JoeBiden I look forward to Joe bringing Americans back together again. He cannot possibly unite everyone but he can reassure us that there is someone in charge who cares about our values and our allies. I want cohesion, civility and intelligence. I want humanity and leadership.

But deface a KKK statue and MAGA loses it.

@WExhausted @mog7546 @senatemajldr @GOP The man who wants Trillion dollar tax cuts for companies sitting on tons of cash. Corporate Welfare queens? But, God forbid someone in Kentucky is hungry! They may be shot, beaten & killed because this Senator only acts on what benefits him personally. VOTE THE SOB OUT!

Trump’s a traitor — and the Russian bounty scandal is the final straw... #BunkerGare Longtime Florida Republicans who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 admitted they have no intention of helping him stay #MOG #TRE45ON

@Amy_Siskind @BetterMe50 @GOPLeader Dear Kevin... does not want you to RT this.

Quoted @AdamParkhomenko

I don’t think Donald Trump wants us retweeting this one


3 days ago

@GeorgeTakei Be sure to vote, by mail if possible. BUT PLEASE VOTE.

Listen up. The second half of 2020 will likely deliver all manner of chaos, with new lows we yet sink to. From the banal, to the horrifying, to the’s all on the table. That means, more than ever, we need to stay focused and determined. Eyes on the prize, friends.

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Retweet if you're excited for a @JoeBiden presidency. #WeWantJoe

Oh, my God, YES!!

So Barr was trying to oust the US Attorney at the SDNY just days before the arrest of Epstein co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell, whom Trump was connected with and his former Labor Secretary Alex Acosta protected with a plea deal. Got it.

@tribelaw note, not a single congressional republican cared to step forward and force the issue.

It didn’t bother Trump when his best bud the Saudi Prince chopped WaPo reporter #Khashoggi to pieces or when his idol Erdogan slaughtered our Kurdish allies. Is it really a surprise that he’s OK with his bff Putin paying $100k for each US troop’s head he leaves on Afghan soil?

I was asked yesterday if I ever experienced PTSD from Vietnam. I said, "No, but I have it now. President Trump Stress Disorder"

@amvetsupport Under White Power Traitor we have become the United Stupids of America. Europe gets this, they're so disillusioned with USA, no longer a beacon of anything but ignorance, mean spiritedness, top down racial hatred and total incompetence.

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