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This Sunday, the true crime event that will make world headlines. From the heart of the Australian outback, the inside story of the terrifying crime that shocked the world. Premiering this Sunday at 7pm on @Channel7 and @7plus. #7NEWS https://t.co/2D5BBehFCH

Australian Christian College Moreton has lost a bid to kick out a five-year-old Cook Islands boy who is growing his hair for cultural reasons. #7NEWS https://t.co/UeqhXoUqf0

Not many morning dog walks end with a call for help from emergency crews, but that was the case for one owner on the Sunshine Coast and his adventurous pet beagle. https://t.co/VZ3A1cpmr5 @BrittanyCLane #7NEWS https://t.co/m90PRYv77r

A mystery Victorian is $80 million richer after holding the only winning ticket in last night’s Powerball. The lucky numbers belong to an unregistered ticket, and no one has come forward to claim the life-changing prize. https://t.co/VZ3A1cpmr5 #7NEWS https://t.co/TOawumDGPt

Briefly, this morning it seemed Usain Bolt's mind-blowing 200-metre world record had been smashed. Running in the virtual Inspiration Games - American Noah Lyles posted a scorching time of 18.91, a third of a second faster than Bolt's best. https://t.co/6QvR0OTe9C #7NEWS https://t.co/zw0NjCmoOZ

England's cricketers have found an interesting way to shine the ball in the first test match since Coronavirus forced the ICC to ban saliva. Instead, they're using back sweat. https://t.co/6QvR0OTe9C #auscricket #7NEWS https://t.co/NCrvzrBkuN

The @brisbanelions cage was rattled, but they’re breathing easier tonight, with gun winger Hugh McCluggage cleared of serious injury. https://t.co/6QvR0OTe9C #7AFL #7NEWS https://t.co/iiYAO49FeE

Johnny Depp has arrived at London’s Royal Courts of Justice for the 4th day of his defamation trial against publishers of The Sun. @7NewsAustralia https://t.co/8AgSFZLl7W

Desperate to stop the slump, Anthony Seibold has given his players the coaching reigns this week. He’s even allowing them to dictate their style of attack, the team deciding to do lighter training sessions and play golf. https://t.co/6QvR0OTe9C #7NEWS https://t.co/kGUTkOyXGp

BREAKING: A man is behind bars for allegedly breaching COVID-19 quarantine requirements after entering South Australia from Victoria just hours before a hard closure came into effect. #7NEWS https://t.co/HjWOMfVYMI

It's not every day you meet a Prince and it was certainly an overwhelming moment for this supermarket worker in Bristol. https://t.co/VZ3A1cpmr5 #7NEWS https://t.co/CA0YTq8qmp

Thousands of Australian women are anxious about a shortage of popular contraceptive pills. It's not because of the pandemic - but an issue with the manufacturer. https://t.co/VZ3A1cpmr5 @amberlaidler7 #7NEWS https://t.co/2AHXinBpiz

A 5-year-old Caboolture boy will be able to keep his long hair while attending Australian Christan College Moreton. https://t.co/VZ3A1cpmr5 #7NEWS https://t.co/izWpaG7iZt

A building has been engulfed by a massive fire in Brisbane suburb Hamilton. Several crews of firefighters are attending to the blaze in the suburb. Paramedics are on the scene and on stand-by. #7NEWS https://t.co/4XmM8DkIRj

A new exhibition which looks at the arrival of Captain Cook from an Aboriginal perspective has been criticised for trying to rewrite history. But curators say they're trying to tell both sides of the story. https://t.co/VZ3A1cpmr5 @campricenews #7NEWS https://t.co/7YaQ5tGXkI

The Redlands Coast is the big winner in the latest housing report. Property sellers were most likely to make a profit in the region, according to figures from the March quarter. https://t.co/VZ3A1cpmr5 #7NEWS https://t.co/8EXTqewPUD

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"The Warriors jerseys look like Alf Stewart’s shirts." https://t.co/xcto5yM5zZ

Thousands of residents locked in Melbourne's public housing towers were given their first taste of freedom in almost a week, but one building is still locked down, as health officials battle an outbreak among residents. https://t.co/VZ3A1cpmr5 #7NEWS https://t.co/reBVeQEFoT

A @ChemistWhouse worker in Melbourne has tested positive for coronavirus as Victoria’s active case count tips well over 1000. #7NEWS https://t.co/G2kedOPoMe

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