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God uses the HARDEST valleys in our lives to prepare us for the HIGHEST Mountain tops. God KNOWS the plan. Don’t quit. Surrender.

Pain purifies what won’t survive our next season of purpose.

Chase purpose, not people. #purpose

Healing has many layers. Show yourself grace, mercy and compassion. Growth is for the brave.

God is not concerned with our ability, God is concerned with our AVAILABILITY. #purpose

That moment you find yourself judging "judgmental people" and God reminds you that you're being judgmental? Checkmate.

It’s the low places that prepare us for elevation. It’s the hidden seasons that prepare us to be revealed. It’s the hard seasons that prepare for the promise. It’s the tears that prepare us for joy. It’s the loneliness that prepares us to be whole. God is ONLY and always GOOD.

“Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, LIGHT in the Darkness, My GOD that is Who You are!”

“The day of the Lord is near for all nations. As you have done, it will be done to you; your deeds will return upon your own head. - Obadiah 1:15 #globalreset

Honest self-reflection is the beginning of growth. Growth is the beginning of healing, inner-healing is the foundation for life-transformation. Transformation brings us back to wholeness. Wholeness attracts everything good. Wholeness is beauty. Wholeness is power.

The world’s deception and distractions has believers silenced, intimidated, and doubting the God we serve. May we RISE and remember...#KingdomOverCulture

There is NO verse in the Bible that teaches us to build faith or future wellbeing around politics. Our trust and confidence is not in MAN or the systems of this world. Our success as believers is not about who is in office, it is about WHO is on the throne. #Kingdomoverculture

Boldness! Miracles! Anointed! Equipped! - God has added His SUPER to your natural. #supernatural

I pray God gives you a holy burden, something that grieves His heart and creates BOLDNESS in yours. #purpose #calling

I pray as believers we increase in the discernment to recognize demonic and divisive distractions. We choose Kindgom over culture. Purpose over politics. Calling over comfort. Authority over power. #globalreset #spiritualwarfare #wewin

May God destroy our comfort zones so we RISE and become the people we were created to BE. #saltandlight

May God meet you in your dreams. #propheticdreams #nightvisions

God reveals Himself in our beauty and our pain. Don’t you see Him in both?

God calls you and then HEALS you through your calling.

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