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“The U.S. today is undermining the foundations of an international order manifestly advantageous to U.S. interests, reflecting a basic ignorance of the extent to which both robust alliances and international institutions provide vital strategic depth.”

Hi, @macys! I can’t wait to see the #MacysParade #floats. What about you?

Our work is just beginning. We MUST win Georgia. Please retweet and chip in here and help us stay on TV. 100% grassroots funded!


“We have seen a coordinated effort by the President of the United States, working with his campaign, to literally disenfranchise the voters from Detroit and Wayne County, MI. This is the kind of conduct that is prohibited by the Voting Rights Act of 1965.” @SamSpital

.@NAACP_LDF Litigation Director @SamSpital explains our suit on behalf of Black voters in Detroit against President Trump and his campaign for violations of section 11(b) of the Voting Rights Act.

Quoted @JoeNBC

Hey Mitch, this has gone way past counting votes and presenting legal challenges. Trump is trying to overthrow a legally elected president and thwart the will of 80 million voters. Do we dare call this what it is: treasonous. How long will you stay silent?

I can't understand why McConnell won't speak up. He won his election and doesn't have to face voters for another 6 years. He may not then; he would be 86 or so. It's now Mitch McConnell who needs to worry about his legacy.

At Zillow, we’re working with policy makers to help shine a light on systemic racism in housing. Information is power, and racism has no home here.

Quoted @JamilSmith

Black voters didn’t help elect @JoeBiden to the presidency so he could elevate Rahm Emanuel to his Cabinet, the mayor who helped cover up Laquan McDonald’s murder by Chicago police for more than a year. It’s an insult that this is even being considered.

Agreed! BIG NO on Emanuel @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris!!

📺 NEW VIDEO Kelly Loeffler is an insider traitor #LootingLoeffler

Making America a mockery to justice!

“In the face of all this, the conclusion can’t be avoided. These people actually hate America. And yet, paradoxically, at the same time, they desperately want to control America, more than anything” @TuckerCarlson

Quoted @MeidasTouch

📺 NEW VIDEO When the going gets tough, Senator Perdue runs away. #ChickenPerdue

#ChickenPerdue is even more disgusting than I knew before watching this. Georgia, you know what to do.

In @NationalComment The world can feed itself well - so why are 3 billion people hungry?

COVID-19 has underlined the divide between the British and the U.S. approaches to public health, but the gap was apparent as long ago as the nineteenth century, during the cholera pandemic, writes David Rosner.

Quoted @NPR

Betsy DeVos railed against public education, helped reverse guidance protecting trans students and beefed up protections for college students accused of sexual assault. Here's a look at the legacy she will leave behind.

In case people forgot, or never even knew, many agency heads selected by the outgoing administration were run by people who had previously opposed or privately benefitted from their destruction. DeVos was among the worst!

#Nonviolence helps us to: 1. Frame issues 2. Strategize 3. Be well-informed 4. Advocate for justice 5. Pursue true peace (which includes justice) Nonviolence is not passive. It is active, love-centered noncooperation with evil. #MLK #Strategy #WorkIt

Quoted @ReallyAmerican1

We really need 2,000 retweets on this. We're funding rides to the polls for voters in Georgia. We need your help to get people without transportation to the polls. Retweet & chip in here to help us get our voters to the polls and retake the senate. 🙏

Retweet, chip in of you possibly can. Rides to the polls is a HUGE service.

📺 VIDEO Let’s get 1,500 retweets and replies with the hashtag: Georgia must say no to #CarpetbaggerKelly!

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